Dr. Christakis Papageorgiou

Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications Obtained

2004PhD in Control Systems, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
1999MEng in Electrical and Information Sciences, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Teaching Expertise

2013-PresentElectronics Tutor,  Bahrain Polytechnic, Bahrain
2010-2011Part-time Lecturer, Technological University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Relevant Industry Expertise

2008-2009Simulation Engineer, RedBull Racing, United Kingdom
2006-2007Electronics Engineer, AVL Schrick, United Kingdom


Areas of Research Interest

His research interests include robust and optimal control with linear matrix inequalities, analysis and design of control laws for aeroservoelastic systems, vibration suppression and rejection of structural vibrations, robustness analysis of nonlinear flight control laws and synthesis, experimental testing of passive mechanical networks for vehicle suspensions, control and modeling of environmental systems and the implementation of Problem-Based Learning for the delivery of an Engineering curriculum.


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  2. Chen M. Z. Q., Papageorgiou C., Scheibe F., Wang F. C. and Smith M. C., “The missing mechanical circuit element”, IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, 2009, cover feature article, 1st-quarter issue.
  3. C. Papageorgiou, N. E. Houghton and M. C. Smith, “Experimental testing and analysis of inerter devices”, ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, Vol. 131, Issue 1, January 2009.
  4. C. Papageorgiou and M. C. Smith, “Positive real synthesis using matrix inequalities for mechanical networks: Application to vehicle suspension”, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol. 14, No. 3,p. 423-435, May 2006.
  5. C. Papageorgiou and K. Glover, “Robustness analysis of Nonlinear Flight Controllers”, AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, Vol. 28, No. 4, p. 639-648, July-August 2005.

Boards, Advisory committees, Professional organizations

1. Member of IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology)
2. Member of the Academic Board, AQAC, the EDICT Faculty Board.

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