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Policies are a key part of Bahrain Polytechnic’s Quality Assurance System. The Quality Assurance System is how the Polytechnic ensures that programmes and services are delivered effectively, up to required standards. Policies provide a way to make sure that the Polytechnic delivers courses, programmes, and other educational experiences that are industry relevant and meet the needs of students.

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A-AB-001 Programme Approval

Bahrain Polytechnic has clear requirements and responsibilities for the development, validation, approval, NQF Placement, change of all Academic Programmes and courses.


Download PDF (423 KB)

A-AB-003 Academic Integrity and Honesty Policy

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to excellence of learning experiences and outcomes for its students. It aims to provide a learning environment that fosters and instils in all students the qualities of independent scholarly learning, critical judgement, academic integrity and ethical sensitivity.

All Polytechnic community members share responsibility for maintaining the academic standing of the Polytechnic. As such, staff and students have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity in their work and ensure they appropriately acknowledge the ideas, interpretations, words or creative works of others.

To facilitate the achievement of academic integrity, Bahrain Polytechnic must cultivate a climate of mutual respect for original work and a clear understanding of standards for academic integrity.


Download PDF (331 KB)

A-AB-004 Naming and Awarding Qualifications

Bahrain polytechnic is committed to the naming and awarding of qualifications that are consistent with the requirements set by relevant internal and external quality assurance bodies to reflect accurately and fairly the outcomes achieved by its students through defined processes and responsibilities.


Download PDF (371 KB)

A-AB-005 Assessment and Moderation

Assessment at every level in Bahrain Polytechnic is based on determining the achievement of Intended Learning Outcomes. Decisions regarding grades awarded to students for courses of study and items of assessment are based on the attainment (or otherwise) of those Intended Learning Outcomes at pre-specified performance levels.

Assessment procedures and practices are underpinned by key principles. Moderation procedures and practices ensure that these principles are enacted. Assessment is:

  1. Authentic
  2. Multi-dimensional
  3. Developmental
  4. Reflective
  5. Aligned
  6. Fair, valid, reliable and clear.
Download PDF (430 KB)

A-AB-006 Student Attendance Policy

Attendance in class, participation and group work are an important means of learning and in many classes is essential to the educational objectives of the course, problem and project based learning, academic success and reinforces the strategic mission of the Polytechnic.

Upon enrolling in a course or a programme at Bahrain Polytechnic students must have taken into account work, family, religious and all other commitments and are able to attend all scheduled classes.

The Polytechnic recognises the significant subsidisation of fees, and that the investment students and their sponsors make when a student enrols in a course and believes that, as a responsible institution, it has a duty of care to monitor attendance, and to act on non-attendance, so that students can be supported to complete their programme of study. Attendance is a key component in student retention, progression, achievement and employability.


Download PDF (400 KB)

A-AB-009 Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to the welfare and achievement of all its students.  To create and maintain the best possible teaching and learning environment, the Polytechnic endows students with certain rights and responsibilities as outlined in this policy.

  • Students enrolled at Bahrain Polytechnic have the right to receive a quality education in an environment that is conducive to learning, and to be treated at all times with fairness and respect.
  • Students are expected to respect and value the rights of others, behave in an acceptable manner and accept certain responsibilities.
  • Rights, entitlements and responsibilities of students are outlined in the Professional Student Conduct Regulations.


Download PDF (367 KB)

A-AB-010 Student Admission Policy

Bahrain Polytechnic admits highly motivated students who can demonstrate a passion and commitment to their chosen area of study, as well as the potential to succeed academically.  Admission to Bahrain Polytechnic programmes is governed by fair and transparent procedures with sound principles. The approved criteria and minimum requirements for admission to Bahrain Polytechnic programmes, processes and responsibilities for the admission of students are designed to meet a variety of situations and needs in accordance with the Higher Education Council requirements and regulations.


Download PDF (446 KB)

A-AB-012 Credit Recognition Policy

  • Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to the Credit Recognition (CR) (Credit Transfer).
    • Credit transfer is the process of recognising prior learning that has already been assessed and awarded credit or awarded other recognition, by HEC approved institutions, to assist learner progression.
  • This policy describes the nature of CR and the relevant procedures and guidelines for its administration, including issues of enrolment, fees, appeals and academic results.
  • CR is voluntary for the learner and recognition is given for an individual’s learning from experience, not the experience alone. CR can be used:
    • for entry to a qualification;
    • to contribute to a qualification by importing credit.


Download PDF (407 KB)

A-AB-013 Applied Research and Enterprise Activities

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to nurturing a culture of applied research and enterprise activity throughout the institution that is aligned with the Bahrain National Research Strategy, that contributes to the professions and industries which it serves and that supports and enhances teaching and learning within the institution.


Download PDF (407 KB)

A-AB-015 Timetabling

Class scheduling/ timetabling and the allocation of teaching spaces are governed by fair and equitable principles that take into account the following parameters: institutional, course/class, student, staff and physical resources. Priorities are established by Bahrain Polytechnic, with educational issues being the highest in the allocation of resources. The implementation of this policy is subject to academic staff employment conditions and must ensure suitable academic quality standards.


Download PDF (283 KB)

A-AB-017 Results and Reporting

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to managing the students study progress in all courses and programmes. Student’s results and grades will be accurately recorded, approved and reported on in a systematic, secure and within a period of time that allows prompt action(s) to be taken.


Download PDF (392 KB)

A-AB-018 Enrolment and Academic Progression

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to supporting its students to ensure they complete their study within the expected timeframe by agreeing to abide by the Polytechnic regulations, policies and procedures and related published requirements. Enrolled students are liable to make adequate progress towards their qualification to maintain their enrolment. The Polytechnic will provide accurate and timely enrolment information, programme planning advice to students and ensure that legislative requirements are met.


Download PDF (311 KB)

A-AB-021 Collaborative Educational Arrangements

Recognising the power and importance of collaboration in teaching, scholarship and service, Bahrain Polytechnic welcomes conversations with potential partners in education, industry, commerce and government locally, regionally and internationally.

In support of the Strategic Goal 4: Engagement for Impact, the Polytechnic enters into strategically appropriate arrangements with approved partners/institutions, in accordance with Polytechnic procedures and guidelines and with external requirements.



Download PDF (412 KB)

A-AB-025 Student Academic Appeal Policy

As part of the Polytechnic’s approach in providing a fair, safe and productive study environment, consideration of academic appeals will be dealt with fairly, consistently, promptly, with sensitivity to all parties and in accordance with the principles of natural justice.

There are 2 places where academic appeals may be heard:

  1. Academic Appeals that are heard at Faculty Appeal Committees.
  2. 2. Appeals against dismissal or exclusion from the Polytechnic are heard at the Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) Appeal Committee.

[1] Academic Appeal – a request for a review of a decision of an academic body charged with decisions on student assessment and awards.


Download PDF (461 KB)

A-AB-026 Student Support

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to supporting all the students and identifying students whose educational achievement could be adversely affected, as well as to enhance their progress and educational experience in the light of Bahrain Polytechnic’s Vision and Mission.

Bahrain Polytechnic support services and corporate directorates’ works in partnership with the faculties to ensure overall student well-being through early identification and intervention procedures for students. The purpose of this policy is to outline the support services available and the procedures for dealing with students who may have a range of difficulties including personal, medical, psychological and financial or a combination which may impact their learning.


Download PDF (595 KB)

A-QA-003 Offsite and Workplace Learning Activities

Bahrain Polytechnic recognises the benefits of providing field trips, off-site course components and workplace learning. All such activities need to be linked to the learning outcomes of courses and programmes, and proposals for such learning opportunities are required to be considered and approved as appropriate.

For off-site course components, a well-documented, written understanding is required to ensure students benefit from such experiences.

To ensure a co-ordinated approach to industry relationships, Bahrain Polytechnic will maintain a database of all industry partners along with details of any MOUs which are in place.


Download PDF (595 KB)


C-AD-001 Administration Services

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to providing sustainable administration services in line with its vision and mission. These services provided to the Bahrain Polytechnic community are effectively and efficiently managed in ways that take health and safety issues, customer care, hospitality and expenses into consideration and that ensure compliance with external requirements.


Download PDF (782 KB)

C-CE-001 Community Initiatives

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to utilizing its resources and expertise to organize and support its staff when they conduct community initiatives which are deemed to produce sustainable benefits towards enhancing the knowledge, interests and quality of life of the community.

This policy relates to non-assessed seminars, workshops, charitable events or activities for Bahrain Polytechnic communities facilitated by Bahrain Polytechnic staff or external partners.


Download PDF (782 KB)

C-FA-001 Campus Security Policy

Bahrain Polytechnic recognises that it has legal, regulatory and ethical responsibility to provide and continuously improve a secure campus and environment for its staff, by implementing rules, guidelines and procedures students, visitors and contractors, and undertakes to provide sufficient and suitable security services to all parties in Polytechnic where applicable and required. Accordingly, policy and procedures are issued and developed to ensure timely and effective security processes are applied for Bahrain Polytechnic and undertaken within the legal parameters of the law and standards consistent with the general community standards.

Download PDF (209 KB)


C-FA-002 Space Management

Bahrain Polytechnic effective and efficient planning, management and control of its campus space are keys to the Polytechnic’s strategic planning and operational effectiveness.

Bahrain Polytechnic, and not any individual or group within it, is the owner of its physical space and assets within its premises.

While the Polytechnic’s space is temporarily allocated to a faculty, Directorate, or other entity, the duration of such custody is temporary and is subjected to on-going reviews and redistribution and reallocation processes to maintain and maximise the spaces efficiency at Bahrain Polytechnic.



Download PDF (212 KB)

C-FN-001 Finance Management

Bahrain Polytechnic Finance Directorate is committed to meet the financial needs of Bahrain Polytechnic by providing; safeguarding financial assets, ensuring regulatory compliance, and providing timely delivery of financial services to all stakeholders’.

Finance Directorate will be following the Standard Financial Manual issued by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and where possible, recognized International Financial standards in line with the MoF standards.


Download PDF (840 KB)

C-GA-001 Policies and Procedures Policy

All Bahrain Polytechnic policies and procedure will be developed in accordance with the provisions of this policy and accompanying procedures.

The purpose of this policy is to establish a defined, clear, identifiable, consistent and enforceable system for the development, approval, implementation and review of policies at the Bahrain Polytechnic.

It will provide a mechanism to ensure that policies are compliant with the strategic direction of the Polytechnic and with relevant legislation.


Download PDF (608 KB)

C-GA-002 Maintaining Sustainability

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to establish sustainable development and resource management, of institutional operations, planning, capital construction and purchasing practices in line with its mission, vision, values and strategic goals.


Download PDF (782 KB)

C-GA-003 Purchasing, Tendering and Inventory

Bahrain Polytechnic (Purchasing and Materials Department) is committed to process all procurements against the approved purchasing requests in order to fulfil Bahrain Polytechnic requirements at the most effective manner, using efficient and professional methods according to the standard Ministry of Finance manual rules and regulations. In addition to a smooth flow of supplies & services to the polytechnic.

Bahrain Polytechnic Purchasing and Materials Department) will be following the Standard Financial Manual issued by the Ministry of Finance, Tender Board Rules and Regulations.


Download PDF (857 KB)

C-GA-006 Intellectual Property

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to encouraging, recognising and rewarding creative work and the dissemination of knowledge as it considers such efforts as a valuable asset.

The policy and its guidelines are based on current legislation, ethical use of materials and resources and copyright licensing agreements. It describe information in relation to capture, protection and commercialisation of Intellectual property, copyright, patent and inventions arising from their research activities at the Polytechnic to detail the benefits accruing to and duties owed by faculty members, staff and students under this policy.


Download PDF (212 KB)

C-GA-008 Information Confidentiality and Privacy

Bahrain Polytechnic considers all information (including not limited to verbal, written, printed, reductased, photocopied, electronically stored or any, or photos, videos, drawings and illustrations, maps or any written or documented or recorded or visual) a valuable asset, and it is the responsibility of all staff and students to respect and maintain confidential Information. Furthermore, Staff and Students privacy is very important to Bahrain Polytechnic. Accordingly, a violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action.

The purpose of this policy is to educate Bahrain Polytechnic staff, students and anyone with authorized access to Bahrain Polytechnic information of their rights towards collecting, using, communicating and disclosing Confidential Information to external parties and their responsibilities to protect and safeguard Confidential Information which they have access to.


Download PDF (409 KB)

C-GA-011 Student Concerns and Complaints Policy

Bahrain Polytechnic takes the concerns and complaints of its students, staff and public seriously, and is committed to dealing with them fairly and respectfully. Concerns and complaints may be raised by individuals if they feel their rights were violated by an internal entity at the polytechnic with an adverse behaviour or feel they were treated unfairly or if they feel their concerns are not addressed.

This policy aims at improving the quality in service provision in addition to creating and sustaining a positive learning environment to support learners’ personal development and consequently academic achievements through their learning journey at the polytechnic.


Download PDF (354 kB)

C-GA-014 Committees

Bahrain Polytechnic recognises the need to have a wide range of input into its decision making processes and therefore considers establishing committees with the purpose of sharing responsibilities, utilizing the specialized skills of members and involving members from staff, students, industry representatives and other external persons (when specific expertise is required).

Committees enrich and support the strategic direction of the Polytechnic, however they need to have clear objectives, responsibilities, membership and accountabilities reflected in their terms of reference in order to do so.


Download PDF (534 KB)

C-HR-001 Human Resources Management

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to ensuring and promoting a good human resource management culture emphasizing on providing equal opportunities, career advancement, education and training, compensations and benefits, accountability and encouragement.

The Polytechnic’s vision of being a “world class provider of applied higher education” requires the support of quality human resource management practices to attract, appoint, develop, motivate and retain a highly skilled workforce within a supportive work environment.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that the Human Resources practises at the Polytechnic are guided by its vision and in line with the requirement of the government laws and legislations for the governance of a human resources and higher education whilst endeavouring to provide best possible practices to our employees.


Download PDF (706 KB)

C-HS-002 Health and Safety Policy

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to pursuing high standards of health and safety management that are open, supportive and empowering, and responsive to the academic work environment. Our objective is to comply with Bahrain statutory obligations, and work beyond these towards good and best practices in the higher education sector.

Bahrain Polytechnic has expectation that all staff members, students, contractors of, and visitors to, Bahrain Polytechnic accept their obligation toward ensuring high health and safety standards by taking reasonable care of themselves and all others who may be affected by their acts and omissions, and comply with both local and internal policies and arrangements for safe working.


Download PDF (712 KB)

C-IT-007 Information and Communication Technology Services

Information Communication and Technology Services (ICTS) is committed to providing high quality and sustainable services to support the Bahrain Polytechnic community. These services are in line with international standards and ensure reliable, effective, efficient, safe and secure processes that will enable staff and students to fulfil Bahrain Polytechnic’s vision and mission and enhance the teaching and learning opportunities.


Download PDF (584 KB)

C-HS-002 Smoke Free Campus Policy

Bahrain Polytechnic has an obligation under the Amiri Decree, 1994 regarding antismoking regulation to prohibit smoking in enclosed public places and to prevent the spread of tobacco smoke into smoke-free areas under its control.

Whilst the Polytechnic respects an individual’s right to choose to smoke, Bahrain Polytechnic also has an obligation to provide a safe and healthy work and learning environment that is free from promotion and encouragement of smoking for all employees, students and visitors.


Download PDF (209 KB)

C-MK-001 Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communication directorate is committed to maintain and develop the institutional brand, actively communicating with all Bahrain Polytechnic Stakeholders to ensure understanding of the image and message in line with Bahrain Polytechnic vision, mission, values and goals.

Marketing Directorate is also committed to promote the Bahrain Polytechnic as the preferred choice of tertiary educational institution in the Kingdom, with the aim of having graduates as the ‘preferred employees’ in the local and regional employment sectors.


Download PDF (1 MB)

C-QA-002 Review, Evaluation and Improvement

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to maintaining effective teaching, support services and administrative processes in order to facilitate high quality learning by undertaking regular reviews of the performance, quality, relevance and effectiveness s of its academic programmes at the faculties as well as maintaining corporate efficiency and credibility and improving deficiencies.

Review, Evaluation and Improvement processes are an important contributor to the Polytechnic commitment towards achieving its mission and key strategic results.

Information from internal and external reviews and audits are collected on a regular basis, analysed to determine if standards are being maintained and to develop actions for improvement according to a standard set of procedures and monitor progress of those actions.Information on reviews and audits are reported as appropriate.

The purpose of this policy is to set out the procedures and provide guidelines for reviewing Bahrain Polytechnic courses, programmes, teaching and support services and corporate business practices.


Download PDF (782 KB)

C-SS-001 Student Services

Student Affairs Directorate is committed to supporting the academic growth and welfare of both Bahrain Polytechnic staff and students, through the provision of a wide range of support services.

Student Service is aligned with Bahrain Polytechnic’s Mission, Vision and Values through providing support for the development and sustainability of lifelong learning.

The Directorate offers a variety of support to staff and students through the Library Learning Centre (LLC), Health and Wellness Centre (HWC), Student Welfare, Bahrain Polytechnic Student Council (BPSC), Alumni, etc…


Download PDF (782 KB)

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