Students Awarded for Resource Conservation


Aysha Mohammed Jassim and Eman Sadiq chalked up awards from “The Best Consumer” competition organized by the Ministry of Electricity & Water for delivering creative ideas on how to promote the conservation of electricity and water.

The idea of the competition was to reflect commitment to the conservation of the two resources, also highlighting the creativity of the young generation, showing their love of Bahrain through projects to increase awareness.

Eman Sadiq explained about her experience in “The Best Consumer” competition with her colleague Aysha Mohammed, stating that the very project they have created, through a short film, was a task included in Bahrain Polytechnic’s curriculum.

She commented: “Finding a good idea was challenging, we needed inspiration from watching similar short films and exchange suggestions until we came up with idea. [In a nutshell], the film tells a story about a boy whom consumes a lot of electricity and wakes up one day knowing that there’s no more electricity.

“We are still surprised with the win, as we weren’t able to see the work of the other participants but we are delighted [with the win]. In the future, we will participate in more competitions, network with people and show our skills that we have gained throughout our study at the Polytechnic.” said Eman.

Developing the skills in all areas required by the labor market remains a priority for the Polytechnic, stressed the Acting CEO Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, while including the development of students’ talents in the field of community awareness and service.

“I’m proud to see our students, Aysha and Eman, being rewarded for their efforts at a level not only for Bahrain Polytechnic, but the Kingdom of Bahrain as well.

“We encourage students to start being work-ready from now. Working with industrial partners and international experts, we want to recreate the real working environment for our students, making them engage in the labor market immediately after graduation.” concluded the Acting CEO.

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