Students Present to Ministry of Water & Elec.


The idea of recycling water was inspired by four Bahrain Polytechnic students, which delivered a presentation on “Greywater system” to the Ministry of Water & Electricity, aiming to reuse greywater as a primary source of water conservation through the technology that is currently available.

In a nutshell, the “Greywater system” is a method of recycling water from bathroom sinks, showers, or washing machines in order to reuse it again for similar purposes.

The four Business students, Sayed Kadhem, Mahmood Matrook, Ahmed Kadhem and Sayed Ali were the developers of the project and presented their findings later on to the Polytechnic management.

When asked on their feeling to create a project for an actual client, Sayed Kadhem said: “When we were assigned to the project, we were very excited because we knew that we were doing something for the Kingdom, so we had to work hard and put as much effort as we can because we will be representing Bahrain Polytechnic.”

Sayed was delighted with the opportunity, as it gave the group a chance to network with people in the business environment, including the fact that it would help develop new skills.

“A project like this requires planning and preparation before it can be properly executed.” he continued, when asked on how they went about to create the project. “We prepared a proposal to showcase the idea, outlined the report’s chapters and project plan. Each of us was responsible to work on a task. We used the Gantt chart, for instance, to display our project tasks.”

When asked on how the problem-based learning approach aided the students to complete a thorough research, Sayed said: “The purpose of working on an industry project is to apply the knowledge and skills gained within previous years from various courses [on to your project].

“In this case, we’ve identified the problem, being the agricultural challenges and water issues. The solution we suggested was using greywater as the new source of water conservation.  We evaluated who would accept this new system, established its result and mapped out the actions.

“Finally, we just want to mention that the water issue in Bahrain should be taken seriously. The water stress is critical because of the high consumption that resulted due to the significant increase of population.

“Having said that, there is an urgent need for action. In our project we suggested some solutions that are quite simple to implement and could be considered.”

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