Graduation Ceremony 2019 Details

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This announcement concerns graduates only.

Dear Graduate,

Congratulations on graduating, we hope you will attend the next Graduation Ceremony on 15th October 2019 (morning). Graduates wanting to attend the ceremony must:

  1. Confirm your attendance Online and pay the fee to purchase your cap and gown (from 3 p.m. 3rd October, to 2p.m. on 7th October 2019).
  2. Collect your Graduation Gown and Cap on Monday 7th or Tuesday 8th October 2019 (see details below).
  3. Attend the rehearsals on Wednesday 9th (3PM – 6PM) and Saturday 12th (9AM – 12PM).
  4. Attend the Graduation Ceremony on 15th October (8am-12pm)

If your friends did not receive this email, please forward it so they can register.


1. Confirm your attendance at the Graduation Ceremony online:

Log into SSB using this link to register and pay the online fee for your gown and cap.

  1. Complete the online form.
  2. Pay the online fee 30 BHD for the Gown and Cap purchase.
  3. Print the relevant document(s) – Confirmation; Receipt; and Letter for employer.

You can see the documents again by logging into SSB again.

Please note that we can NOT print forms and letters in the gown room 8.19.



2. Collect your Graduation Gown and Cap, and have your letter stamped in room 8.19 on:

  1. 7th October: 2pm – 7 pm.
  2. 8th October : 10 am – 3 pm



Bring ALL the completed forms & your Receipt.

Student Services can stamp the letter for your employer.

If you cannot come to the Polytechnic yourself, a delegate can do it for you, see below for details.


See Registry if you want to update or change your Name – remember you need a valid passport.


Delegating someone to confirm and collect your Gown and Cap:

If you are unable to collect your gown and cap in person, but will attend the Ceremony and rehearsals, your DELEGATE must bring the paperwork in and collect your gown and cap on one of the days stated above.  They must bring their CPR or photo ID and complete the process.

Please send us an email to stating:

    1. Your name, CPR, Student ID, current phone and email;
    2. Your delegates name and CPR number (spouse, parent or guardian). They must submit your signed forms, to collect the cap and gown for you.


3. Graduation Rehearsal

Attendance at the practice at the Sh. Abdulaziz Hall, University of Bahrain in Sakhir is compulsory, on Wednesday 9th October (3PM – 6PM) and Saturday 12th October (9AM – 12PM).


Tickets for the Ceremony will be issued at the second  rehearsal. The number of tickets will be based on the number of confirmed graduates attending


4. Graduation Ceremony and Dress Code

On Tuesday 15th October,  you need to be seated in the hall by 8am.

Dress formally for the ceremony. Under your gown, you must wear:


  1. White thobe, ghutra and agal; OR
  2. Formal suit with a white shirt and a tie.


  1. Black abaya with black shaila or hijab; OR
  2. Formal suit with a white shirt.



5. Collection of your Certificate AFTER the ceremony:

Registry will send details by email AFTER the ceremony when the certificates are ready.


If you have any questions, please email us.

We look forward to seeing you again and celebrating your achievements.

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