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Working with industry to make our graduates work-ready and employable

What We Offer

One of the key success factors for Bahrain Polytechnic is the established long term relationships with national and international private and public institutions.

The role of the Industry Liaison Team is to provide effective interface with private and public stakeholders and seek input from industry and business in education and training programmes, to be in line with current and future economic trends and labour market needs.

Industry Liaison Team
1789 7094- 1789 7330

The following services are provided by Industrial Liaison:

Academic and Industry

  1. Bridging the gap between Bahrain Polytechnic and public & private education sectors, industry and the business community to provide Bahrain Polytechnic staff and students with essential Industry and business community relationships.
  2. Liaising with and maintaining on-going relationships with industry, Business, Government leaders and agencies, and professional associations.
  3. Identifying industry skills gaps and opportunities and providing feedback to academic colleagues, faculties, Career Employment Centre and the Professional Development Unit.
  4. Identifying opportunities for the provision of specialised training programmes and short courses for industry and business for their training needs.
  5. Providing students and staff with opportunities to interact with industry and the business community by hosting regular forums and seminars with industry leaders as guest speakers.
  6. Seeking potential contributors from industry and business community for scholarship, sponsorship and internship opportunities for students.
  7. Identifying and following up possible research or development opportunities with industry and the business community
  8. Managing a range of Work Integrated Learning activities, eg student work experience, staff and student visits to workplaces
  9. Reporting on and analysing employability skills data.
  10. Facilitating curriculum alignment activities between schools and faculties.
  11. Exploring of Joint Venture ( JV) opportunities internationally for academic activities.
  12. Keeping track of Bahrain Polytechnic graduates in the labour market.
  13. Encouraging and supporting staff to engage in research activities of various kinds with business and industry.
  14. Keeping up to date with trends and technologies and ensuring staff are provided with updates, opportunities for reflection in the programs.

Continuing Education

Bahrain Polytechnic’s short courses aim is to partner with industry, gGovernment, and community to design, develop, and deliver high quality industry-specific education and training opportunities. These courses offer continuing support for the career growth and skills development of your employees. Many of these courses have practical or technical elements at a variety of levels to help improve your organisation’s productivity and to enhance your national and international competitiveness.

Bahrain Polytechnic offers:

  1. Short courses tailored specifically to meet identified skills gaps in the current workforce.
  2. Applied qualifications from certificate through to post graduate level with a heavy emphasis on the practical skills directly applicable to the job market.
  3. English language courses at all levels, both “tailor-made” or general.

To collaborate and learn more about Continuing Education, please contact:
Eman Haider

Continuing Education Unit


Industry Projects

Industry ProjectsBahrain Polytechnic degree programmes include project and research-based learning. Hence it is very much essential for students and staff to participate in projects and research opportunities with the industry and business establishments. Learn more about Student Industry Projects in Business, International Logistics, Engineering, Information and Communications Technology, Visual Design and Web Media

Employment and Employability

Bahrain Polytechnic’s concern does not finish when students complete their studies. It also extends to its graduates. The Polytechnic conducts periodic phone surveys to monitor graduates’ achievements with regard to their employment. Bahrain Polytechnic has followed this practice since it had its first batch of graduates and results to date are very encouraging. Our Career and Employment Centre continues to help our graduates in the process of obtaining employment.

Bahrain Polytechnic Industry Portal

Recruit graduates. Request projects. Access services.

Bahrain Polytechnic wanted to reach out to the industries it serves through an exciting new way using the Industry Portal. This portal enables the Polytechnic to effectively manage student industry placements and engage for impact with its industry partners, where you can post all kinds of vacancies (part time, full-time, summer job, etc.).

Bahrain Polytechnic Industry Portal login

Companies can now easily communicate with Bahrain Polytechnic in terms of:

  • Screening and recruiting work-ready graduates by posting job applications.
  • Requesting for special projects to be conducted as per organization’s needs.
  • Access consultancy services using Bahrain Polytechnic students and staff.

All that is needed is a one-time registration. Please note that the portal works best on Google Chrome Browser and note down your password.

For information or assistance, please email industry liaison

Employability Skills

Bahrain Polytechnic missioned to prepare its graduates to be work ready in order to adapt to the economic dynamics of the local, regional and international market.   We used the conceptual approach to define Employability at the institution and created a contextualized Employability framework.  The position of the learners in the framework indicates the acknowledgment of the institution of the services that rotate around them.



Bahrain Polytechnic has a team of staff whose primary role is managing relationships with key stakeholders, linking with internal staff to enrich students’ experience, inform short course offerings, and develop new business activities through partnership.

Partnership with Bahrain Polytechnic will provide mutual benefits through:

  • The Industry Partners Programme
  • Curriculum Advisory Groups (CAG) roles
  • Work placement for students
  • Industry visits
  • Guest speakers
  • Training
  • Collaborative research
  • Forums
  • Consultations and advice
  • Networking and sharing of advances in the field
  • Short course and programme development
  • Scholarship and sponsorship

Work Integrated Learning

As one of the Kingdom’s key education reform projects, designed to deliver work ready graduates, it is essential that Bahrain Polytechnic develops strong productive alliances with all key stakeholders, as the Polytechnic begin this journey to better meet local and regional labour market needs, as partners. The learning environment is conducive to expanding the student experiences and knowledge through formal and informal learning. A key factor in the achievement of high levels of academic success for the Polytechnic students will be the contribution to their learning provided by a well-developed and challenging experiential/workplace programme, which complements their classroom learning. Work integrated learning is an important aspect of education that Bahrain Polytechnic offers. The work integrated learning consists of the following elements which contribute towards intensifying students’ learning:

Student Work Placement

Student Work PlacementBahrain Polytechnic appreciates organisations’ role and participation in providing work placements opportunities for our students’ employability skills development. This will ensure that Bahrain Polytechnic’s students are trained and developed in line with market needs locally and regionally. With such sincere support from these organisations, Bahrain Polytechnic can bring about and create leadership in education innovation. The programmes offered at Bahrain Polytechnic, which are all designed to give students maximum exposure to real workplace experiences and consequently develop their employability skills so that, on reaching graduation, they are truly work ready. Students must complete certain numbers of days of work placement in the industry during their four year degree programme. The completion of the work placement days during the degree period is a compulsory component of the degree. At the conclusion of all work placement days, the students will be eligible to graduate.

Student Industry Project

Student Industry ProjectBahrain Polytechnic students participate in projects and research opportunities with the industry and business establishments. This will ensure that students/staff are fully aware and involved in real-life projects and research cases with the industry and business communities, which will be of mutual benefit to both students/staff and the community. Students undertake projects directly related to their area of specialization, and present projects’ results to these industry and business officials at the end of the semester. This will come in the form of scheduled presentations, where both faculty heads and industry officials can attend and provide feedback. These projects provide comprehensive learning experience for students and the opportunity to practice their technical skills while developing their interpersonal skills. Learn more about Student Industry Projects in Business, International Logistics, Engineering, Information and Communications Technology, Visual Design and Web Media

Student Industrial Visits

Student Industrial Visits 1Bahrain Polytechnic continuously develops its relationship with major industry and business communities in the Kingdom of Bahrain in order to achieve its goal of producing work-ready graduates to meet local and regional labour market needs. Regular industrial visits to different companies and businesses are arranged for students accompanied by staff in order to familiarize them about the work environment and processes, market and technology trends, safety and security measures, rules and regulations, facilities and logistic, and so on. This engagement will develop work ready students who can relate to these industries and business communities.

Guest Speakers

Guest SpeakersBahrain Polytechnic was established in order to produce graduates who will be work ready and increasingly competitive in local and global labour market. One of the methods used by the Polytechnic to educate students about labour market information, business and technology trends, economic drivers and changes is to invite guest speakers from business and industry to give presentations to students. Guest speakers from different business and industry disciplines are regularly invited to give speeches and presentations to students and staff in order to share and pass on their field knowledge and experience to the audience at Bahrain Polytechnic. Bahrain Polytechnic believe it is vital to have input from business and industry into its programmes to ensure that graduates have the appropriate knowledge and skills to meet the needs of employers and also to enhance their life. As we all know, Bahrain Polytechnic was found to address the need for a skilled Bahraini labour force, aimed at supporting economic growth and diversification, and the main reason for having guest speakers at the Polytechnic is to provide students with opportunities to learn and to interact with professionals from the field, leading to broadening and enhancing their understanding of their purpose in life and their major role in shaping Bahrain’s economic future. Guest speakers’ presentations provide platforms for sharing lifelong experiences, thoughts, and ideas with the students leading to interactive, creative, and interesting discussions beyond the topic of the subject. Presenters highlight the importance of graduates getting experience not only at work, but also in all aspects of life, and getting experience of life after graduation, and how to prepare themselves for it. Furthermore, it is to share with students the practical side of the theory they are learning, so that they can have a better feel and understanding of their subjects and be able to relate it to real life situations.

Curriculum Advisory Groups

Curriculum Advisory CommitteesIn many countries, a network of industry training boards (or similar organisations) set minimum standards and criteria for education and training programmes in their areas, and they also provide recognition through accreditation to the providers whose programmes meet these. In the absence of such industry training organisations in Bahrain, Bahrain Polytechnic has established a separate Curriculum Advisory Groups (CAC) for each programme. The networking of CACs with faculty staff members ensures an effective interface with the Public & Private sector and future employers of the graduates. It is vital to have input from CAC industry members to the ongoing development of the curriculum, ensuring that graduates have the appropriate knowledge and skills to meet the needs of employers. The role of the CAC is to advise, assist, support, and advocate the technical/occupational curriculum.  Advisory committees can provide input into specifications for a curriculum and help to ensure the quality of programme graduates.  They can offer suggestions for improvements that will help the programme grow and expand.

Bahrain Polytechnic will continue to establish strong relationships with key stakeholders to ensure that the programmes are designed to be relevant to the needs of the workplace, responsive to changes in technology and reflective of the realities of the labour market, inclusive of its rapidly changing technological needs.

At Bahrain Polytechnic, the Curriculum Advisory Groups (CAG) assist with:

  • Curriculum development and reviews
  • Ensuring the provision of authentic learning experiences that are relevant
  • Work placements
  •  Practical experience that prepares students to become work ready graduates

Curriculum Advisory Groups Services

At the Bahrain Polytechnic, Curriculum Advisory Groups (CAG) assist with:

  • Curriculum development and reviews
  • Ensuring the provision of authentic learning experiences that are relevant
  • Work placements
  • Practical experience that prepares students to become work ready graduates

Programme Development with key stakeholders

Bahrain Polytechnic will continue to establish strong relationships with key stakeholders to ensure that the programmes are designed to be relevant to the needs of the workplace, responsive to changes in technology and reflective of the realities of the labour market, inclusive of its rapidly changing technological needs

Bahrain Polytechnic programmes focus on the following areas of high strategic relevance to the growth and diversification of Bahrain’s economy:

  • English language
  • Foundation studies
  • Engineering
  • Transport, freight and logistics
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Business and tourism
  • Design

Graduates Recruitment Event

Graduates-Recruitment-EventBahrain Polytechnic offers graduating students the opportunity to market themselves in front of numerous employers from various industries in order to be noticed and get employment opportunities. The graduates have a few minutes to present themselves on stage in front of many Human Resource managers and hiring companies on why they should work at their company. These graduates are also given the opportunity to network with professionals and get their individual interviews during the event. This service is offered by the Career Employment Centre.

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