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The mission of the ICT directorate is to provide, coordinate, and facilitate the use of technology and information resources to the satisfaction of Bahrain Polytechnic and its stakeholders.


  • Providing learning resources and adequate information in a sustainable manner to achieve the vision/mission and provide full support for all its academic requirements.
  • Providing technical information and communications technology solutions to provide effective assistance to student learning.
  • Providing a safe and appropriate infrastructure to provide academic programs.
  • Building an ICT strategic planning and technology forecasting based on Bahrain Polytechnic stakeholder demands and link to Bahrain Polytechnic’s strategy.
  • Providing cost-efficient innovation IT platforms that supports learning.

Services to Bahrain Polytechnic

Although the main mandate of the ICT is to manage the infrastructure at Bahrain Polytechnic to suit academic purposes, other services are also offered by ICT and we would like to extend our support to all based on the defined services.

Our ICT Catalogue highlights the services offered through our ICT helpdesk. The catalogue showcases details describing each service, and the expected time frame required to deliver the service, considering the availability of the resources. In addition, these details are related to a standard request that is normally received by the ICT team.

Please refer to the ICTS Service Catalogue for more details.

ICTS Helpdesk Contact Channel:

Phone: 17897111


ICTS Helpdesk portal:


ICTS Knowledge base

ICTS provides Bahrain Polytechnic students and staff with a ‘knowledge base‘ that contains guidance in several ICT related subjects and are constantly updating it to be in line with the constantly changing field of IT. Information is broken down into the following fields, each containing FAQ, downloadable documents, user manual and guides and useful information.


Technologies in classrooms and labs

Bahrain Polytechnic offers a variety of ICT services to assist students during their studies, including:

  • Promethean Activeboards
  • Engineering labs
  • ICT labs
  • Visual design and web media labs
  • Generic computer labs
  • Open Access labs

Policy Relating to Use of Computer Facilities

Bahrain Polytechnic computing facilities are to be used in a manner that supports the academic mission and the

administrative functions of the Institution. Notice of the Desktop Security Guideline is distributed by the ICT department to ensure all

staff, students and other users of Bahrain Polytechnic hardware and software are aware of the conditions of that use. Violation of the p

olicy/guideline may result in the removal of access rights, probation/suspension from classes, cancellation of enrolment, or other disciplinary action. More Information can be found under the our policies page.

Unethical and Unacceptable Behaviour

  • Bahrain Polytechnic Users are not allowed to amend their desktop/laptop/tablet configuration (such as but not limited to: security settings for Active Desktop, Computer, Control Panel, Explorer, Internet Explorer, Network, System categories, etc.) unless authorized on request.
  • Bahrain Polytechnic does not allow the installation of pirated software copies on Bahrain Polytechnic machines.
  • For security purposes, Bahrain Polytechnic User will not grant local admin privileges in all cases to secure the environment, such requirements need to be through ICT Helpdesk Portal, alternatively, Bahrain Polytechnic Users can use the Software Centre to install an uninstall software.
  • Bahrain Polytechnic Users should not access or use electronic communication resources that is not under their authorized IDs in a way that is not authorized.
  • Uses electronic communication resources without authorization to engage in spamming activities or invade the privacy of others.
  • Uses electronic communication resources without authorization to engage in mass communication within or outside the Polytechnic.
  • Creates a situation that results in inefficient or wasteful use of electronic communication resources.
  • Uses the electronic communication resource without authorization for personal gain.
  • Bahrain Polytechnic regulations prohibit eating and drinking, other than water, in classrooms, computer labs, or drop-in-computer suites.



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