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Enrolment and Registration

registration-mStudents admitted to Bahrain Polytechnic must maintain a valid enrolment. They are required to register for courses each semester or formally request a leave of absence (break from study) by the published dates on the academic calendar. Students who do not maintain their enrolment will be considered to have abandoned their course of study and their enrolment at Bahrain Polytechnic is cancelled. Refer to the Enrolment and Academic Progression Policy and Procedures for full details.



Registration is the process through which students formally register in courses at Bahrain Polytechnic.

All degree students can log in to  Self-Service  Banner (SSB) to register for classes. Foundation students are registered in the required classes based on Entry test results.

All students can see their timetables in SSB, see policies, notices, and requirements on Moodle under “News and Information”.

New Students

Information on registration is given to new students at confirmation. An announcement with registration information is also published prior to each semester on the Bahrain Polytechnic Website home page. Help is available on campus for Degree students to register using SSB.

At the New Student Orientation, information is provided on car stickers and lockers, and students can collect their Student ID card.

All Students

Each Programme has Compulsory and Elective courses that must be completed in no more than twice the length of the programme to gain a qualification. Some courses are only available for students studying towards particular qualifications.

The Registry Student Information Centre (SIC) in building 8 provides students information and the forms needed to complete enrolment formalities. Academic Staff provide students with academic advising.

Forms and requests submitted to the SIC will be processed by the relevant departments. Students will be informed by the outcome from relevant departments. See the Policies on Moodle, the Academic Calendar or Registry SIC staff for information or requests for official Academic Transcripts and letters.

Students who are planning to not register for courses must apply for Leave of absence (a break from study) or withdraw (leave permanently) before the closing date or they will be considered to have abandoned their study and their enrolment at Bahrain Polytechnic will be cancelled.

Course Registration

Foundation Students: Certificate in Academic Preparation

Students are registered for courses by the Polytechnic based on the results of their entry test or previous semester and the Degree of choice. Students may use an ‘Add and Drop form’ to amend the registration.

Degree Students

Students register themselves for courses through Self Service Banner based on information provided by the Programme posted on the website, to Bahrain Polytechnic email or at Academic Advising.

In enrolling at the Polytechnic, students agree to abide by the Bahrain Polytechnic policies, procedures and regulations and to pay fees.

Add/Drop Courses

Students are required to see their Programme Manager or academic advisor each semester.

During the first week of the Semester, students can add and drop courses online using SSB or by filling the Add and Drop form and submitting to the Registry Student Information Centre (SIC).

After week 1, students who do not want to study a course need to formally withdraw from the Course by filling the form and submitting to the Student Information Centre (SIC). Depending on the date of withdrawal, there may be academic penalties.

Courses with Pre or Co requisites

Some courses are only available for students studying towards particular qualifications. Some courses have specified pre-requisites or co-requisites that must be met. These details are shown when registering online through Self Service Banner (SSB) and may appear as an error message.

If a student believes that they should be exempt from a pre- or co-requisite, they must apply using the Form: Application for Credit Recognition and Exemption from Course and Programme Requirements A/AB/012. This form is available from the Registry Student Information Centre (SIC) in Building 8.

Academic Load and Part-time Study

Each Semester students can enrol themselves in courses up to a maximum of 65 credits. The minimum enrolment is 15 credits per semester.

Students may apply to increase the limit up to 75 Credits if their CGPA is 3 or more, or it is the final semester of study prior to graduating.

Students enrolled in less than 50 credits in a semester are classified as Part-Time.

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

Students can apply to take a maximum of two Semesters Leave of Absence from a programme. The Polytechnic will reserve a place in the current enrolled programme if the application for leave is approved, subject to availability.

Students who do not want to continue studying at Bahrain Polytechnic must apply to withdraw and complete the clearance procedure.

Self Service Banner (SSB) and Holds

Information related to student records is displayed in Self Service Banner (SSB). This includes personal contact details, timetable, grades and much more.

A Hold may be place on a students record for a number of reasons, including non payment of fees. The type of Hold and what it affects can be seen in SSB. For example, a Finance Hold means a student will not be able to have ANY official documents from Bahrain Polytechnic or register for any classes until the fees are paid in full.

Bahrain Polytechnic Courses

admission1A course is the smallest component of delivery in which a student usually can be enrolled, consisting of defined learning outcomes, requirements and assessments. Bahrain Polytechnic programmes are made up of one or more courses, requiring students to formally enrol at Bahrain Polytechnic, and usually leading to a qualification or other award.

The Polytechnic’s courses and credits have been mapped against the Bahrain National Qualifications Framework and international norms for the amount of study required. The Polytechnic has rigorous processes for approval and review of all courses and ensures that all courses have clearly formulated learning outcomes that are maintained in a Course Descriptor. Each semester, the courses offered to students enrolled in a programme vary, and information about the courses offered is on Self Service Banner, the website and is also available to enrolled students on Moodle. Students are advised to attend academic advising with their programme manager to ensure they are fully aware of the requirements to graduate and can discuss their academic progression.


Bahrain Polytechnic Short Courses, Workshops and Seminars

The Polytechnic offers short courses, workshops, and seminars for staff, students and the community. These are advertised on the website.

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