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Entry Requirements

Applicants are accepted for undergraduate and diploma programmes at the Polytechnic based on their fulfilment of the requirements for admission and their submission of the required documents, as shown below:

General Admission Requirements

  • The student must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • The applicant must successfully pass the entry test and any additional tests or personal interviews conducted by the Polytechnic.
  • The applicant must meet the entry requirements for the required programme in line with the programme’s seats capacity.
  •  Seats must be available in the required programme.
  • The applicant must be medically fit (healthy, physically and mentally).
  • The applicant must have a good conduct and behavior.
  • The applicant must submit an online application, and pay the application fee during the admission period.
  •  The applicant must complete all the confirmation processes and admission requirements within the specified date and paying the confirmation fee (please note you are not allowed to postpone your first semester of study after your acceptance to Bahrain Polytechnic).
  • The applicant must submit all the required documents on the dates specified for them (the offer of acceptance is considered canceled if the required documents are not delivered on the time specified for them).
  • The applicant is not allowed to register in two or more different programmes simultaneously whether in Bahrain Polytechnic or in other institutes (after confirming his/her enrolment in the Polytechnic).
  • A student who is excluded or dismissed from Bahrain Polytechnic due to their Academic Standing cannot re-apply to the Bahrain Polytechnic.

 Additional admission requirements for applying/transferring to the Visual Design, Interactive Design and Digital Marketing programmes:

  • The applicant must have a successful portfolio review.
  • The applicant must pass the personal interview conducted by the Polytechnic (the interview will take place after passing the portfolio review).

Additional admission requirements for transferring students:

  • The concerned authorities must recognize the other universities/institutes in the Kingdom.
  • The student must have not been dismissed/suspended at that university/institute.
  • The student must have successfully passed 150 credit hours (10 courses from the Academic Programme) or its equivalent at the university/institute from which they are transferred.
  • The cumulative average should not be less than C+ or its equivalent in other academic evaluation systems.
  • The relevant academic school must approve the transfer request and the courses they were exempted from studying.
  • When submitting the transfer request, the student should not have dropped out from the university/institute s/he was transferred from for more than (16) weeks.
  • The student must take a minimum of 50% of the hours required for graduation at the polytechnic.

Required Documents:

  • A valid Passport.
  • A valid Identity Card (i.e. Smart Card).
  • Secondary school certificates showing successful completion of (at least) 3 years of secondary education.
  • Medical Report from a Government Medical Centre.For Non-Bahraini applicant’s: Medical Report can be accepted by any Authorized Health Center.
  • Evidence of good conduct (not more than one year old) from Governmental Body.For Non-Bahraini applicants: Evidence of Good conduct can be accepted by any authority in their country.
  • Graduation Certificate.
  • Ministry of Education Equivalence letter issued by the: Private Education Directorate (Graduates from Bahraini private school) or Examination Directorate (Graduates from Abroad/Outside of Bahrain) as equivalent to a Bahraini Government Secondary Certificate (Thanawiya).

Additional Required Documents:

  • For Non-Bahraini accepted students: For purposes of fee payment, a non-Bahraini citizen with a Bahraini Mother or which is married to a Bahraini husband will be considered Bahraini and must supply the following documents:
    • If the accepted student has a Bahraini mother:
      • Copy of student birth certificate.
      • Copy of Bahraini mother identity card/passport.
    •  If the accepted student is married to a Bahraini husband:
      • Copy of marriage certificate issued by a Bahraini Court.
      • Copy of Bahraini husband identity card/passport.
  • For accepted students under 18 years: If the accepted student is under 18, the consent of the guardian must be obtained to accept the offer (in accordance with Bahraini Law) and a copy of their identity card/passport is required.
  • For transferred students: All transferred students must submit the following required documents:
    • Evidence of good conduct (not more than one year old) from the university/institute they were from (after confirming the transfer in the Polytechnic).
    • Transcript up to date from the university/institute from which the student is transferred.
    • Stamped course descriptions from the transferred university/institute.
    • Stamped withdrawal certificate from the transferred university/institute (after confirming the transfer in the Polytechnic).
    • Two academic recommendations from two instructors at that university/institute.


  • After submitting their documents for admission, applicants cannot request their documents back.
  • The documents required for the online application: The applicant must attach a copy of a valid passport or/and a valid identity card. It is optional to attach the transcript for 5 semesters. The rest of the documents will be requested if the applicant is accepted.
  • Scholarship students must apply to Bahrain Polytechnic during the announced period and complete all Entry Tests to be considered. A place is not guaranteed if a Scholarship is awarded.

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