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Admission Decision and Confirmations

Admission to Bahrain Polytechnic is extremely competitive, and there are limited places for each programme. Applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements and pass the entry tests to the required levels are considered for an offer of place.

Offers are published on the Bahrain Polytechnic website during the announced period. An email will also be sent to all applicants with the decision.


Admission Decision

Successful applicants MUST accept/confirm their offer in person by completing all the confirmation processes (as mentioned in their offer letter) and pay the confirmation fee of BHD 120 (non-refundable).  If they do not complete all the confirmation processes during the announced period, the offer will be cancelled.


  • For successful applicants under 18, the consent of the guardian must be obtained for the terms and conditions of the accepting offer (in accordance with Bahraini Law).
  • Any placed offer is conditional upon the international student obtaining the appropriate student visa or permit to enable the student to reside and study in Bahrain.
  • The international student is responsible for complying with all conditions relating to the study visa or permit.
  • The acceptance of an offer of place constitutes a formal agreement between Bahrain Polytechnic and the international student.

Successful applicants MUST read the following rules and regulations, before confirming/accepting the offer



By accepting Bahrain Polytechnic’s offer, you agree to follow all the rules and regulations set out in the following declaration:

  • I accept the offer of enrolment from Bahrain Polytechnic and confirm all the information and documents I have provided are correct. I understand that any incorrect information or document is sufficient grounds for my dismissal from the Polytechnic.
  • I acknowledge that I must meet the requirements to enter the Degree Programme.
  • I acknowledge that I am not allowed to register in two or more different programmes simultaneously whether in Bahrain Polytechnic or in other higher education organizations.
  • I agree to abide by the regulations, policies and procedures of Bahrain Polytechnic. I agree to conduct myself appropriately as an adult learner and make myself aware of and follow, the rules, policies and procedures.
  • I agree to maintain my enrolment and pay all fees as they become due, and to meet any late fees and charges associated with debt recovery. I understand if I do not pay the fees before the published due date a late fee will be applied, and my course enrolment will be cancelled. I will remain liable for all fees owing.
  • I understand that I must attend all classes and meetings on time as per my Self Service Banner (SSB) timetable and the attendance requirements of at least 80%. I understand that being absent more than 20% of sessions for any reason will result in me being withdrawn with a fail grade from the course.
  • I understand that Bahrain Polytechnic reserves the right to amend the programme of study when needed to comply with regulations and requirements, or if necessary to restrict enrolments or if courses are unavailable for any reason.
  • I understand that Bahrain Polytechnic is not responsible for the completion or achievement of my qualification, and I will complete all class work, assessments and tasks on time to the best of my ability without plagiarism.
  • I authorize the Polytechnic to use my information collected and stored to comply with Government and non-government requirements (e.g. agencies that support particular students through scholarships and prizes, payment of fees or other awards, etc.); to manage internal administrative processes, for providing tuition, academic advice and support, and for internal and external reporting requirements.
  • I understand that I must sign all forms and official documents when and as required, or have nominated my guardian to complete the Teaching and Learning Agreement to act on my behalf if needed.

TEACHING and LEARNING AGREEMENT - “Partners in Learning”

On behalf of Bahrain Polytechnic, I welcome you to this learning partnership for 2024-2025. Bahrain Polytechnic is a Governmental Higher Educational Institution that offers career focused programmes, to produce professional and enterprising work-ready graduates. Bahrain Polytechnic’s values are Learning, Excellence and Innovation. We are committed to your learning and we will do all we can to ensure your success and to maximize your potential. Our teaching staff are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are focused on student centered learning, achievement and success. We have a range of support services (including the Library Learning Centre, the Writing Centre, and the Health Centre) available for every student who seeks to improve his/her learning. We also have high expectations of you as a student. Attendance, punctuality and hard work are important factors in successful Higher Education study. You must take responsibility for your own learning, be an active participant in all learning activities, and take advantage of all support services available to you.

This Teaching and Learning Agreement affirms the commitment of Bahrain Polytechnic to you as our student and briefly outlines your rights and our expectations. Please refer to the Professional Student Conduct Regulations, information sent to you in emails, on the Website and the Polytechnic Policies and Procedures published on Moodle.

Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin

Chief Executive Officer

Bahrain Polytechnic


Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to providing:

  • Quality teaching, learning and fair assessment;
  • Clear procedures throughout the time you are enrolled as a Bahrain Polytechnic Student
  • The opportunity to discuss your learning;
  • A timely response to communications;
  • Opportunities to provide feedback on programmes, courses, tutors and other services;
  • The right to speak to a senior staff member;
  • Access to independent, confidential and timely learning advice and support.

As a student, I commit to:

  • Being punctual and attend all classes, meetings and learning activities to meet course and programme requirements and the 80% attendance requirements;
  • Completing all class work, assessments and self-directed learning on time to the best of my ability with honesty and integrity (without plagiarism or cheating);
  • Seeking advice and help from tutors, Learning Centre staff and other support tutors and staff when required;
  • Conducting myself appropriately as an adult learner and as a professional;
  • Making myself aware of, and following Bahrain Polytechnic’s rules, policies and procedures;
  • Using English during class time (except in the Arabic Language classes).
  • Regularly checking my Bahrain Polytechnic emails at least weekly (as this is the official means of communication);
  • Updating my contact details if I change them.

I also understand that:

  • My tutors, mentor/academic advisers and other staff have the right to discuss my learning / issues with me;
  • If my attendance and/or progress do not meet standards, academic penalties may be applied according to the relevant policies;
  • Bahrain Polytechnic has my permission to use my image in photos or videos for administrative purposes. (refer to the Photography and Videography Policy and procedures);
  • Bahrain Polytechnic has my permission to report my progress, grades and Professional Conduct Violations (as per the policy) to my sponsor.



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