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Bahrain Polytechnic frequently asked questions are categorized in five groups: General, Admission, Current Students, Library Learning Centre and Writing Centre.

General Information

Where can I find the latest news about Bahrain Polytechnic?

Latest news, press releases and success stories can be found in the news section.

What courses does Bahrain Polytechnic offer?

All information regarding the various programmes the Polytechnic offers can be found in the programmes page.

What is Bahrain Polytechnic’s mission statement?

Our Vision

Bahrain Polytechnic to be a world class provider of applied higher education.

Our Mission

Bahrain Polytechnic produces professional and enterprising graduates with the 21st Century skills necessary for the needs of the community locally, regionally and internationally.

Our Values

Excellence. Learning. Innovation.

Where can I get information on Polytechnic policies and regulations?

Academic and corporate policies are available here for download.

Where can I find out about Bahrain Polytechnic’s events?

All of the Polytechnic’s events can be found in the events page.

How can I be an Alumni member?

Fill in the Alumni application form on the Alumni page.

How do I access my Polytechnic email off campus?

You can access your Polytechnic email from home through Outlook as usual.

You may have to enter your credentials in the login box (Domain/username): e.g. polytechnic/Kubra.Alaradi

The password is the same as you use to login at the Polytechnic.


How do I apply for the Polytechnic?

The applicant from inside or outside the Kingdom of Bahrain must access Bahrain Polytechnic’s website, submit an online application, pay the application fee of 20 Bahraini Dinars, which is non-refundable, and choose a date for the admission Entry test.

See how to apply for more information.

See Entry Tests for more information on the tests and interviews.

What programmes does the Polytechnic offer?

All information regarding the various programmes the Polytechnic offers can be found in the programmes page.

What are the fees for applying to join the Polytechnic?

The application fee for the admission application is 20 Bahraini Dinars (non-refundable) payment is made via the website.

What are the admission dates?

The applicant must submit the online application during the period announced on the website.

What are the documents required during the application for admission?

The applicant must attach a copy of a valid passport or/and a valid identity card. It is optional to attach the transcript for 5 semesters. The rest of the documents will be requested if the applicant is accepted.

What are the admission entry tests for the Polytechnic, and what are the duration of the tests?

  • All applicants must submit general Entry tests in English and Mathematics.
  • The test date and time are chosen from the applicant after paying their admission application.
  • The tests take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to complete (including instructions).

For more information, visit the Entry Tests page.

What are the high school streams allowed to study at the Polytechnic?

Applicants from all high school streams can choose one of the offered academic programmes they want to enrol in.

When will the admission offers will be announced?

Admission results are announced on the Polytechnic website as per the admission timeline. An email will be sent to all applicants about the decision.

What are the criteria for the accepting students to study at the Polytechnic?

Students are accepted to study at the Polytechnic after fulfilling the admission requirements and achieving the required level in the Entry Test (passing any additional tests or personal interviews, if required) and the number of seats available in each academic programme.

What are the tuition fees per semester, and do they include books?

The current tuition fees for a full-time student (60 credits) per semester are:

  • Bahraini BHD 120
  • Non-Bahraini: BHD 2,520
  • Students are required to purchase their own books.
  • For purposes of fee payment: A non-Bahraini citizen with a Bahraini Mother or which is married to a Bahraini husband will be considered Bahraini.All information regarding student fees, scholarships and financial aid can be found here.

Is there an English language requirement to enrol at the Polytechnic?

English is the main language of communication at Bahrain Polytechnic for learning, and is used in the classroom and most study materials. All applicants must complete general Entry Tests in the English language. See Entry Tests for more information on the tests.

Is an applicant with an IELTS or TOEFL certificate exempt from English language Entry Tests?

All applicants must submit general Entry Tests in English and Mathematics. An applicant with an IELTS or TOEFL certificate (issuance period of no more than two years) can apply for Credit Recognition after confirming their admission to the Polytechnic.
The policies are applied according to the terms of Credit Recognition, and there is no guarantee that courses will be equivalent.

Is priority given to admission to applicants who applied for admission first?

All applications are treated the same, regardless of when the application is submitted.

Can high school graduates from previous years be accepted?

All high school graduates or its equivalent in previous years can apply for admission to the Polytechnic.

Can students studying at other universities/higher education institutions continue studying at the Polytechnic?

Click here for more information about the transfer from other universities/ higher education institutions to Bahrain Polytechnic.

What is the language of teaching and study materials at Bahrain Polytechnic?

English is the language used for teaching and presenting educational materials at the Polytechnic.

Should the students who might be eligible for scholarships apply for Bahrain Polytechnic during the application period?

Scholarship applicants must apply for admission during the application period and take the Entry tests. There are no guarantees that applicants who have a scholarship will be accepted to study at Bahrain Polytechnic if the application and admission requirements are not met.

How and where can I get advice about fees and scholarships?

All information regarding student fees, scholarships and financial aid can be found here.

Can I defer my place if I get an offer?

Students accepting an offer of place must attend in the semester they are accepted. There is no deferment.

When do applicants get accepted, and what is the confirmation procedure?

Accepted students must complete the confirmation procedures and admission requirements as mentioned in the acceptance offer. In the event of non-completion within the period mentioned in the offer of acceptance, the offer will be withdrawn, and the enrolment at Bahrain Polytechnic will be cancelled.

What are the fees for confirming the offer in Polytechnic?

The confirmation fee is BHD 120 non-refundable. The amount paid includes the following:

  • BHD 60 confirmation fee.
  • BHD 60 will be credited to the student’s account which can be used for tuition fees for two semesters from the date of confirmation. The amount is non-refundable, whether the student withdraws completely or partially, or have not utilized the credit balance during the two semesters. The student must pay additional fees if the credit balance is less than the amount due before the start of the study.

When does the semester start and finish?

Please visit the Academic Calendar page for more information.

How can I contact the admissions department?

You can contact the Admission Department through the following channels:

Current Students

What is Self Service Banner and how can I log in?

Self Service Banner (SSB) is the Student Management system where you can view your profile, timetable, assessments, and attendance. Self Service Banner is also linked with Moodle, where you can view learning material and submit assignments.

You can log into SSB from any Bahrain Polytechnic Lab or from your home PC through Bahrain Polytechnic Website to access timetables and class lists.

What are the teaching semesters dates?

There are two full time semesters (Semester 1 from September to February, and Semester 2 from March to July), and we offer some summer courses. See the Academic Calendar for details.

How many credits do I need to get a Bachelor’s degree?

For our current degrees, students require 480 credits to complete. This normally takes 8 semesters or 4 years of full-time study.

Students who are full-time should enroll into 60 credits per semester. Students who are part-time should enrol into 30 credits per semester.

Are your degrees recognized Nationally and Internationally? Do you have affiliations?

Based on the Royal Decree No.65, issued by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa in 2008, Bahrain Polytechnic has the right to award degrees that are recognized locally and regionally.

Furthermore, Bahrain Polytechnic issues certificates to graduates that are recognized locally and regionally.

Many of Bahrain Polytechnic graduates have pursued further education (i.e. Masters) and were accepted in internationally recognized and top ranked higher education institutes.

There are no formal affiliations yet with Gulf region institutions.

Do you provide transportation to and from the campus?

Bahrain Polytechnic does not currently provide transport services for students.

What is my student ID number and card?

ID number is automatically generated for the students when they apply to Bahrain Polytechnic. The ID consists of the academic year code, and the student’s enrolment number.

2011          Academic Year              

00320      Enrolment Number

Security issues ID cards to students. The card shows the students name, photo, and ID number. It serves as an identity card, so students can identify themselves as Bahrain Polytechnic students. It is also your library card that allows you to access facilities on campus.

Student ID card: Do I have to wear it? What if I lose or damage it?

Students must carry and display (show) their ID card at all times when on campus. Staff and visitors must also wear their ID.

Only registered students who can show an ID card will be allowed on campus.

Be sure to always keep it safe when you are on or off campus.

If your card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, you must replace it as soon as possible.

  • Fill in an ID Replacement Form (available at Security office in H26).
  • Pay the BHD 15 fine at the Finance department (Building 11).
  • Submit the stamped form to Security in H26. Your card will be printed on the same day where possible.
  • Collect your card and wear it!

You can show your CPR card to Security at the entry checkpoint to gain access for a day, but you must find or replace your ID.

How can I register for classes and see my timetable?

Students register online through SSB before the beginning of each semester. During the first week of classes, you can change (add or drop) online, subject to class availability (space in the class).

You can see your timetable on SSB.

time table


How can I change my programme?

Students can change their programme of study by filling a Programme Transfer form (available at the Student Information Centre) during the specific period announced by Registry.

What if I do not want to continue studying this semester or want to withdraw from Bahrain Polytechnic?

Students can take Leave of Absence (LA) (drop classes) for a maximum of 2 continuous semesters. If you want to take LA or want to officially withdraw from Bahrain Polytechnic, you must fill out a Withdrawal/ Leave of Absence form (available on the website and at the Student information Centre) and follow all the instructions on the form.

Your status and grades will be assigned depending on when the form is completed and submitted to the Student Information Centre, e.g. a W grade will be assigned in the student transcript if the student applies to take leave of absence or withdrawal before the approved closing date, which is no more than 30 days after the end of the second week of the semester. A WF grade will be assigned in the student transcript after that day.

What are the enrolment terminology and codes?

Enrolment Terminology Code Description
Academic Year 2 semester started on September
Add Add a new course.
Drop Delete a current course.
Mentor An academic adviser to help the student.
Programme Syllabus A set of materials and courses that should be studied to complete the graduation requirements for Bachelor’s degree or Diploma.
Course Compulsory Students must study this course.
Course Elective Students choose to study this course.
Pre-requisite Course Course required to study before another course.

There are two GPAs:

  • Semester GPA is a total average of semester grades.
  • Accumulated total average of all semester grades.
Transcript Student grades certificate.
Leave of Absence LA Postpone study for maximum of 2 semesters.
Leave of Absence with Refund LR Take leave of absence within the first 2 weeks of the semester, and fees will be refunded (less administration fee).
Withdrawal WS Leave the Polytechnic.
Withdrawal/Attendance WA Withdraw from a course with failed grade WA due to non-attendance (20%).
Withdrawal with Refund WR Withdraw within the first 2 weeks of the semester, and fees will be refunded (less administration fee).
Withdrawal or Leave of Absence without Refund WD Take leave of absence or withdraw after the first 2 weeks of the semester without refund with administrative grade W.
Withdrawal/Failed WF Withdraw or take leave of absence from courses more than 30 days after the published closing date with Withdrawn with Fail grade.
Review of Mark or Grade Re-checking an assessment and/or final grade in a course. A request for review must be made using the form: Student Request for Review of Mark/Grade (Form F/A/AB/005.2) and must be submitted within 4 working days of the date of return of assessment or when the Results Notice is posted.
Appeal Students can appeal if they disagree with decisions made by Faculty members, administrators, or committees. Appeals must be made in writing and received by the Dean within 4 days of the original decision.

Attendance: Why is it important, and how is it recorded and calculated?

Attendance is required for all classes. Attendance is important as classroom activities are designed to develop a range of effective skills that are required by employers. Attendance and punctuality are highly desirable employability skills. Students are expected to arrive on time and participate in all activities. Tutors record attendance daily for all programmes.

Absences in excess of 20% (twenty per cent) of the total scheduled class time will result in withdrawal from the course with a fail grade WA for not meeting Bahrain Polytechnic attendance requirements. There have been a number of changes to attendance procedure. From Semester 1, 2013-14, there will be no exemptions or appeals for attendance, and it is the students’ responsibility to check their attendance on SSB. See the Attendance Procedure on Moodle for details.

Working students and students with on-going medical conditions MUST declare their circumstances upon joining the Polytechnic and before each semester starts, or as soon as their circumstances change, to be considered for early registration.

Tutors record attendance for each session daily. The session will be 1 or more hours. If you change a room, the attendance will be taken again. Students will be marked one of the following:

  • PR – Present
  • AB – Absent
  • L1 – Late less than 10 minutes (counts as present)
  • L2 – Late more than 10 minutes (counts as a 0.5 absence)
  • LV – Left early (counts as a 0.5 absence)
  • CC Class cancelled (session not counted)

Your attendance rate is calculated by the number of sessions absent divided by the total scheduled sessions for the course.

Example for a course which has 45 scheduled sessions for the semester.

  • Day 1 1 session (2 hrs) = AB = 1 absence
  • Day 10 1 session (2 hrs) = AB = 1 absence
  • Day 25 1 session (1 hrs) = AB = 1 absence
  • Day 28 1 session (1 hrs) = L2 = 0.5 absence as first occurrence
  • Day 30 1 session (2 hrs) = L2 = 0.5 absence as second occurrence

% absences = 4 absences/45 sessions = 8.8%

It is your responsibility to check your attendance on SSB!

Attendance: Can I apply for exemption?

The attendance requirement is set at 80%. The 20% absence allows for occasional sickness and other absences during the semester.

Attendance: I think my attendance record is wrong?

See your tutor and discuss this with them. Your tutor can change any incorrect entries in Self Service BANNER throughout the semester unless you have exceeded 20% and been assigned a WA grade. It is your responsibility to check your attendance on SSB regularly!

Attendance: What happens if I exceed 20% absence and have a WA (failing) grade?

When 20% absences are exceeded the student will automatically be withdrawn from the course. You will receive an email from Registry informing that you have been withdrawn from the course with fail grade WA due to not meeting the attendance requirements.

Students have NO right to appeal this decision, but they can apply for a change of WA grade to a W, or – IF it is the end of the semester and all assessments are completed when >20% absences occurred- a change to the final grade may be considered. When applying, the student must provide evidence of exceptional circumstances with their application. Three quarters of the absences must be due to the exceptional circumstances as shown with the evidence.

Examples of exceptional circumstances are:

  • hospitalization for a serious illness;
  • being involved in a serious accident resulting in an injury;
  • having a baby and requesting maternity leave;
  • suffering from a serious medical condition; or
  • any other circumstance of a similarly serious magnitude.

Evidence of exceptional circumstances to be submitted with the application includes:

  • an official medical report; or
  • an official hospital report; or
  • an official accident report.
  • Medical certificates for one or two days are NOT acceptable evidence of exceptional circumstances!

Student will be notified by Registry.

What should I do if I cannot attend an exam?

The student must present an excuse letter with evidence, e.g. medical report to the tutor, who will submit it to the Programme Manager and the Dean for approval. If it is approved, the student will re-sit the test before the next semester begins. If no excuse was presented or not approved, the student will get grade F in the assignment/test and/ or course.

Where are marks and final grades posted, and how can I ask for a remark or review of my assignment or test?

All marks and final grades are posted online on Self Service Banner. They are provisional (not final) until approved by Academic Board – see the calendar for dates of the release of final grades.

If you think a mark or grade is wrong, you can ask for an assessment and/or final grade in a course to be re-checked. A request for review must be made using the form: Student Request for Review of Mark/Grade (Form F/A/AB/005.2) and must be submitted within 4 working days of the date of return of assessment or when the Results Notice is posted.

What is the appeal process?

Students have the right to appeal academic decisions made by Faculty members, administrators or committees. Appeals must be made using the correct Appeal Form, and there is an appeal fee. The Form, evidence and receipt must be received by the Student Information Centre within 4 working days of the original decision notification.

Can I repeat a course I already passed?

Yes, with a permission of your Head of School or Dean, you can repeat any passed course. Your transcript will show both attempts at the course and both grades will be calculated on the Grade Point Average (GPA). No additional credits will be generated toward the award if a unit that has been passed previously is repeated.

How many times can I repeat a failed course?

Students are allowed to repeat the failed course once (without special permission).

A Student who has failed the same course twice will be excluded from a third enrolment in that course(s). To repeat for the third time, the student MUST apply in writing to Programme Committee for approval to repeat the course . The letter must be submitted to the Registry Student Information Centre by the published date, together with the fee specified, if any. In the letter, the student needs to show that there is a reasonable chance of success in subsequent study. Conditions may be applied if the application for a third enrolment is successful.

What is Academic Standing?

At the end of each semester, each student’s overall record is checked to see if they are in Good Standing and making satisfactory progress toward their programme of study. This review is to make sure that students are made aware of any academic problems. The Programme Managers will then counsel the student and/or apply any academic penalties that are necessary (e.g. academic warning, suspension).

You can see your academic standing on SSB>Student Records>Academic Transcrip

General information on your Academic Standing

Does Bahrain Polytechnic accept transfer credits from other universities? If yes, what should I submit?

Students can apply for credit recognition and exemption from course and or programme requirements using form A-AB-012/1. You must submit an official transcript in English, course descriptions or course syllabi with your application to assist us in determining the proper equivalent courses.

What is the grading system and how is my GPA calculated?

Bahrain Polytechnic Grade Point Values and the Grade Point Average (GPA) is given on a scale from 0.00 to 4.00 (previously a 0.00 to 9.00 scale was used, September 2008 to May 2012).

Achievement Based Assessment Grades

Grade Point Value (GPV) Reported Grade Equivalence Description
4 A+ 95 – 100% Excellent
3.75 A 90 – 94% Excellent
3.5 A- 85 – 89% Excellent
3.25 B+ 80 – 84% Good
3 B 75 – 79% Good
2.75 B- 70 – 74% Good
2.5 C+ 65 – 69% Adequate
2.25 C 60 – 64% Adequate
0 F <60% Inadequate


Competency Based Assessment Grades (Calculated in GPA)

Grade Point Value (GPV) Reported Grade Equivalence Description
4 Distinction Distinction Excellent
3.25 Merit Merit Good
2.5 Competent Competent Adequate
0 Not Yet Competent Not Yet Competent Inadequate


Competency Based Assessment Grades ( Not calculated in GPA) 

Grade Point Value (GPV) Reported Grade Equivalence Description
Not calculated in GPA Distinction* Distinction* Excellent
Not calculated in GPA Merit* Merit* Good
Not calculated in GPA Competent* Competent* Adequate
Not calculated in GPA Not Yet Competent* Not Yet Competent* Inadequate


Administrative and Other Grades

Grade Point Value (GPV) Reported Grade Description
Not calculated in GPA W Withdrawn

Note: All courses from the Foundation Programme AP301 and CR* – Credit recognition for prior studies are not calculated in GPA (NCGPA = Not calculated in GPA). The Grade Point Average (GPA) is given on a scale from 0.00 to 4.00. Your Semester GPA is calculated each semester by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total credits attempted.

Term (Semester) TGPA   = Total of (All Grade Points X All Credits Earned) 

Total of All Course Credits for the Semester

Cumulative CGPA   = Total of (All Grade Points X All Credits Earned) 


Total of All Course Credits All of the Semesters

Example for a student enrolled in Bachelor of International Logistics Management (IL701)

Course Course Credits Grade Points Credits Grade Points
TLB6000 15 B- 2.75 15 41.25
TLB6200 15 B 3 15 45
ELB5501 15 C 2.25 15 33.75
BSD5106 15 A 3.75 15 56.25
TLB5300 15 CR* NCGPA 15 0
Total 65 176.25
Semester GPA  is 2 = 120 /60 (Grade Points/ Course Credits)
CR* – Credit recognition for prior studies (not calculated in GPA) / NCGPA not calculated in GPA

Please refer to the Policy RESULTS AND REPORTING A/AB/017 for details. All Policies can be found on Moodle.

How can I pay my fees or get a refund?

You can pay the fees by debt or credit card at the Finance department (Building 11). Tuition fees must be paid during registration period that is published by Bahrain Polytechnic.

The first 2 weeks of the semester, if you drop courses, take leave of absence, or withdraw, your fees will be credited or refunded less an administration fee (BHD20).

To take leave of absence and withdraw, you have to do the following:


What security procedures are there?

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to providing a safe campus for all. We have strict security procedures that include the following:

  • Vehicles will be checked at the main entry gate. Some vehicles will be selected for random search/inspections. Please check your car before coming to Polytechnic and remove any items that are not required for the car or your study.
  • All students will be checked through the two pedestrian kiosks adjacent to the student car park (one lane for Polytechnic students and the other lane for UoB students at each kiosk).
  • Metal detector scanning and bag searches will be conducted at the pedestrian entrances (kiosk).
  • Your ID must be visible at all times on the campus.
  • In the unlikely event there are any problems on campus, you must follow instructions from Security and staff.

Note: At times, the security checks can cause delays to students and staff entering the Polytechnic. Please arrive early and remember that we are doing it all for everyone’s safety.

Is there a dress code?

Please dress in a professional manner.

Gents Dress Code Ladies Dress Code

How many times do I have to see my mentor? What happens if I don’t?

Bahrain Polytechnic assigns a mentor to every student. You must see or contact your mentor 2 or 3 times every semester.

Please contact the Student Affairs manager if you have any questions about your mentor.

Is there access for students with a disability or learning challenge?

The Bahrain Polytechnic supports students with permanent or temporary physical disabilities. More information can be found here.

I am a student or graduate at Bahrain Polytechnic in the process of applying for a job/internship/training. What documents could the Polytechnic provide me with to help with the application process?

The Registry and Information Centre can issue the following documents and letters on request to assist students and graduates apply for jobs:

Students: Official transcript; Enrolment letter and /or an Expected to Graduate letter for students in their final semester of study.

Graduates: Graduation Statement letter (issued after completing clearance processes), an Official transcript.

The official graduation certificates (Arabic and English) are issued after the annual Graduation Ceremony. In accordance with Royal Decree No.65 for the year 2008, the Polytechnic is a Governmental Higher Education Institution and the Board of Trustees have the right to approve and grant certificates and qualifications in the disciplines taught at the Polytechnic. The Bahrain Polytechnic Board of Trustees awarding of graduates is sufficient approval and no further accreditation is required.

Special letters can be issued on request. On written request, the Registrar can also send emails or letters to support applications to overseas Universities. All application details must be provided by the student or graduate.

You can find more information on our Official Documentation page or from the Registry and Information Centre staff.

Details of the programmes and awards offered at Bahrain Polytechnic are available on the website. Please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar or the Registry team if you have any enquiries.

Library Learning Centre (LLC)

Where is the LLC located?

The Polytechnic LLC is located on the second floor of building 19.

What are the LLC’s opening hours?

The LLC opening hours are from 7.30am to 6pm Sunday through Thursday.

What is the loan period for library materials?

Borrowing rules, fines and renewal information can be found here.

Are there fines for overdue or lost library items?

Yes, there are.  If is an item is overdue, you are required to pay BD1 per book per day (not exceeding BD30).  If you lose a book, you are required to pay BD25 plus the original cost of the book OR buy the book (same or new edition) without paying BD25.

Check Borrowing rules, fines and renewals here.

How do I make an appointment with a Learning Adviser?

The best way to do this is by visiting Learning Support Services in building 19, room 111.

Alternatively, you can email the Library Learning Centre.

What areas of support are offered at the LLC?

Learning Advisers offer one-to-one sessions in the following areas:  grammar, writing, reading, listening, speaking, mathematics, APA referencing, and study skills.

How long is each session with the Learning Advisers?

Each session is approximately one hour in duration.

What do I need to bring to each session with the Learning Adviser?

You need to bring a notebook and a pen or pencil.

What types of resources are available to students at the LLC?

Resources at the LLC include databases, electronic journals, books, Ebrary (online e-books library), DVDs, reference collection, magazines, and newspapers.

How can I access the electronic resources?

You can access the electronic resources via the search function on the LLC homepage of the Polytechnic website or by logging into the databases individually using the unique usernames and passwords.

Where can I find the usernames and passwords for the LLC databases?

This information is available for current students and staff, and can be requested through the Library Learning Centre email.

Are the electronic resources accessible off campus?

Yes, they are. They can be accessed via the search function on the LLC page of the Polytechnic website.

How do I get an Ebrary username and password?

You can get an Ebrary username and password by contacting the Library Learning Centre email.

Who can I see for assistance in locating a book or electronic resource at the LLC?

You can visit the Information Desk at the LLC and a staff member will assist you.

How can I renew my library materials?

You can do this by visiting our Library Management System  and by clicking “Login” in the right hand corner of the screen.

Enter your first name, followed by your student number and then click on “Submit.”

A list of all the materials you have being borrowing will appear on the screen with the option to “Renew.”

How do I borrow a book?

There are a couple of ways to borrow a book:

  1. You may use the self-service check-in/out desk located beside the Information Desk. Follow the instructions on display.
  2. Alternatively, you can check an item out at the Information Desk, where a member of staff will assist you. Remember to bring your ID card.

How do I return a book?

There are a couple of ways to borrow a book:

  1. You may use the self-service check-in/out desk located beside the Information Desk. Follow the instructions on display.
  2. You may also return items to the red shelves located beside the Learning Services Desk.
  3. Alternatively, you can return them to staff at the Information Desk.

Writing Centre

Where is the Writing Centre located?

The Writing Centre is located in Building 19, Ground floor.

What kind of help does the Writing Centre provide?

We help writers become more effective and independent. We can help at any stage of the writing process, including understanding assignment requirements and generating ideas.

Are the Writing Centre services only for poor writers?

No. We believe that both experienced and inexperienced writers need good readers and that everyone benefits from getting feedback from a good listener.

How far in advance do I need to cancel my appointment at the Writing Centre?

Appointments can be modified or cancelled up to one hour prior to the start time. Anyone who cancels or reschedules an appointment after this deadline will be considered a no-show.

What happens if I don't cancel and then don't show up for my appointment at the Writing Centre?

You must cancel an appointment if you cannot come. If you do not come to a session and did not cancel, this will be recorded. Do this two times and you will not be able to book online until you have seen the Writing Centre Coordinator to reset your account.

What if I am late for my appointment at the Writing Centre?

If you are more than ten minutes late for your appointment, you will be considered a no-show, and you may lose your appointment to a walk-in.

What kind of writing can the Writing Centre help with?

You can bring any sort of writing; however, we give priority to academic work.

Will my class tutor know that I have used the Writing Centre services?

Yes, if you or your class tutor request a summary of the writing session, we will send a report to your class tutor that describes what you and your writing tutor worked on during your session. This will let your tutors know that you have taken the initiative to improve your writing skills and that you are developing as an independent writer.

Can I just visit the Writing Centre without an appointment and be seen by a tutor?

Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are preferred. If you are not registered on our booking system, you will need to register when you come for a walk-in session.

If I have a lengthy assignment to work on, can I book back-to-back Writing Centre sessions?

Our policy is that students are not able to book back-to-back sessions. The reason is that after a single, well focused session you need time to reflect on the feedback provided and work on revising your paper. If you have a lengthy assignment to work on, we advise that you plan in advance and book multiple sessions to work on key aspects of your writing during each session.

What should I bring to the Writing Centre session?

Feel free to bring to the session research, assignment description, or any writing you have done so far. We strongly advise that when you book your appointment, you attach any important information or document that you think will help us have a better idea of what type of assignment or writing task you need help with.

FOR FACULTY: Can I send my students to the Writing Centre for proofreading?

No. The Writing Centre is not a proofreading or editing service. The Writing Tutor will provide your students with strategies and skills for editing their own paper, but will not proofread it. The final product should reflect students’ skill level.

FOR FACULTY: Can I get proof that my student visited the Writing Centre?

Yes, upon request, we will send you a Conference Report summarising what the student and writing tutor worked on during the writing session. Please note that we need to notify your student that you have requested a report.

FOR FACULTY: How can I encourage my students to use the Writing Centre services?

Bring your class on a tour of the Writing Centre. We welcome such visits and can give a 10- 15 minute overview of our services and answer questions. Alternatively, you may request a Writing Centre tutor to visit your class to give your students a brief presentation on the Writing Centre services and explain how the booking system works. To bring your students on a tour to the Writing Centre or request a class visit, please book an appointment using our booking system.

FOR FACULTY: Why do some students who visit the Writing Centre still turn in poorly written papers?

There are different variables that can impact the progress achieved in a given writing session. For example, students who visit the Writing Centre may not have writing problems per se, but rather they may not fully understand the subject content they are dealing with. Therefore they cannot support their writing with relevant details or arguments and as a result, produce a weak paper. In such cases we recommend to students that they talk to their content tutor.

ICT Services

How can I reset the password of my Bahrain Polytechnic account?

Guidelines Before you reset your password

  • Password must meet complexity requirements
  • Password should not contain the user’s account name or parts of the user’s full name that exceed two consecutive characters
  • Password must be at least eight characters in length
  • Password must contain characters from three of the following four categories:
    • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
    • English lowercase characters (a through z)
    • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
    • Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)
  • Complexity requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or created.
  • User cannot use the current or the two previous passwords

To reset your password  click on the link and follow the instructions.

Open the PDF for steps.

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