The Polytechnic grading system is governed by the Results and Reporting Policy. Grade Point Values (GPV) and the Grade Point Average (GPA) are given on a scale from 0.00 to 4.00 as follows:

Achievement Based Grades

Grade Point Value (GPV) Reported Grade Equivalence Description
4 A+ 95 – 100% Excellent
3.75 A 90 – 94% Excellent
3.5 A- 85 – 89% Excellent
3.25 B+ 80 – 84% Good
3 B 75 – 79% Good
2.75 B- 70 – 74% Good
2.5 C+ 65 – 69% Adequate
2.25 C 60 – 64% Adequate
0 F <60% Inadequate


Competency Based Grades (Calculated in GPA)

Grade Point Value (GPV) Reported Grade Equivalence Description
4 Distinction Distinction Excellent
3.25 Merit Merit Good
2.5 Competent Competent Adequate
0 Not Yet Competent Not Yet Competent Inadequate


Competency Based Grades (Not Calculated in GPA)

Grade Point Value (GPV) Reported Grade Equivalence Description
Not calculated in GPA Distinction* Distinction* Excellent
Not calculated in GPA Merit* Merit* Good
Not calculated in GPA Competent* Competent* Adequate
Not calculated in GPA Not Yet Competent* Not Yet Competent* Inadequate


Administrative and other Grades

Grade Point Value (GPV) Reported Grade Description
Not calculated in GPA Withdrawn
Calculated in GPA WF Withdrawn with Fail (Late withdrawal)
Calculated in GPA WA Withdrawn with Fail (Poor attendance)
Not calculated in GPA CR Credit Recognition (credit transfer)
Not calculated in GPA EX Exempted from requirement, but NOT recognised as a passed course 
Not calculated in GPA H Hold, a provisional grade pending a defined action
Not calculated in GPA CT Continuing, noting the course continues in the following semester



CR – Credit recognition for prior studies is not calculated in GPA (NCGPA = Not calculated in GPA).

Full details of the Bahrain Polytechnic grading system are available from the Registrar or Registry Student Information Centre and are issued with or printed on, the official student transcripts.


Calculating GPA

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is given on a scale from 0.00 to 4.00. Semester GPA is calculated each semester and is shown to students on the Self Service Banner (SSB) Online Transcript as Term GPA (one semester) and Cumulative GPA (all semesters at specified level).


Term (Semester) TGPA = Total of Semester Grade Points (sum of all GPV x sum of all Course Credits attempted)

Total of all Course Credits for the Semester


Cumulative CGPA = Total of all Grade Points (sum of all GPV x sum of all Course Credits)

Total of All Course Credits of all Semesters


Example for a student enrolled in Bachelor of International Logistics Management (IL701)

Course Course Credits Grade GPV Grade Points (GPV x Course Credits)
TLB6000 15 B- 2.75 41.25
TLB6200 15 B 3 45
ELB5501 15 C 2.25 33.75
BSD5106 15 F 0 0
Total 60 120


Semester GPA is 2 = 120 /60 (Grade Points/ Course Credits)

Assessments at Bahrain Polytechnic are governed by the Assessment and Moderation Policy and the Results and Reporting Policy. All Policies can be found on Moodle.

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