Online Classes begin at Bahrain Polytechnic with Large Student Interaction


Bahrain Polytechnic activated the virtual learning feature today, Sunday, the 15th March, where tutors began offering their lessons online, which consisted of positive feedback from students who praised this step that will enable them to continue their studies without delay and interference.

Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, CEO of the Polytechnic, explained: “This step enhances Bahrain Polytechnic’s pursuit of digital transformation completely, after strengthening its curricula and teaching methods by modern methods that distinguished itself from the rest of the higher education institutions in the region. The online classes will be an interactive experience through audio and video broadcasting, where students can also download materials and share their presentations with students. This ensures a unique learning experience, as we provide a platform for students and faculty to communicate with each other.

Dr. Zabudsky stressed that this plan comes within the policy of the Polytechnic in dealing with risks, in order to ensure the continuation of the learning process for the interest of its students. He added that the Polytechnic has also launched a hotline to respond to students’ enquiries that face any problem, and to provide them with support during their study period using the online classes by communicating with the ICTS Directorate on their email or by calling 17897111. All necessary information and educational materials are available on the “Moodle” system, which is already used as an educational platform at the institution.

Dr. Zabudsky extended his appreciation to the administrative and academic staff of the Polytechnic for their support to the plan to activate the online classes, notably the ICT Directorate for their great efforts in activating the system while training staff and students in the process. Additionally, he thanked the student council for their role in answering student enquiries through their Instagram account after following up with the relevant department, which had a great impact on clarifying all matters related to online classes.

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