Bahrain Polytechnic Develops Curriculum Reviewal Framework


Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, Acting CEO, congratulated Jameel Alsayed Ebrahim Hassan on recently receiving his doctorate from the University of Southern Queensland through his thesis on “In Search of a Programme Review Framework for a Polytechnic in Bahrain: The Experience of a Bahraini Quality Coordinator”, and wished him every success in his future endeavours.

Dr. Al Aseeri added that this study is in line with the executive management’s goals of promoting scientific research, especially academic related, as it would meet its Strategic Plan 2015-2019, Bahrain 2030 Vision, and the government action plan 2015-2018.

Mr. Jameel explained that the study includes a research methodology and a descriptive case study, involving 40 specialists in the fields of higher education, academics, consultants, labor market representatives, and students. The study sample was characterized by a diversity of people based on expertise, culture, and discipline.

He commented: “The study focused on the quality of higher education institutions in the MENA region, especially regarding its impact on economic growth, as the study prevails adopting curriculums from other educational institutions does not necessarily comply with cultural aspects as it lacks relation with local contexts.

“From this point onwards, the study aimed to develop a framework to review educational programmes from an educational institution’s perspective, which includes the key principles of the review, auditing standards, comparison criteria with other educational institutions, reviewing process, results to be achieved and feedback mechanisms.”

On the conclusions of study, he commented: “It highlighted the urgent need for continued dialogue between stakeholders on the proposed framework, in order to ensure the alignment of the local adaptation, and that they are in line with leading international practice.

“The study also stressed the importance of higher education institutions to achieve continuous improvements in line with their mission and vision, as well as monitoring and supervising educational requirements.” said Dr. Jameel Hasan.

He also pointed out that this trend will encourage higher education institutions to preserve their identity and bring added value to the higher education system in the Kingdom, as well as promote a culture of diversity and creativity in the provision of services.

The study recommends the need for attention to Polytechnic employees who have the enthusiasm and desire to work, as the institution would need personnel with such characteristics to embed the culture of reviewal and development of educational institutions, and to develop [the staff] further in this regards.

It is noteworthy that external examiners from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, have participated in the study, where the study was considered an added value to the region in terms of higher education, as it focuses on the local discourse and has shed light on local curriculum reviewal.

Finally, Dr. Jameel Hasan expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Acting CEO, Dr. Al Aseeri, for the opportunity to conduct his study through the provision of support and encouragement, which has had a profound impact on the completion of the study requirements in the specified time period, wishing that the results of the study contribute to the implementation of providing quality to higher educational studies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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