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How do I apply for the Polytechnic?

The applicant from inside or outside the Kingdom of Bahrain must access Bahrain Polytechnic’s website, submit an online application, pay the application fee of 20 Bahraini Dinars, which is non-refundable, and choose a date for the admission Entry test.

See how to apply for more information.

See Entry Tests for more information on the tests and interviews.

What programmes does the Polytechnic offer?

All information regarding the various programmes the Polytechnic offers can be found in the programmes page.

What are the fees for applying to join the Polytechnic?

The application fee for the admission application is 20 Bahraini Dinars (non-refundable) payment is made via the website.

What are the admission dates?

The applicant must submit the online application during the period announced on the website.

What are the documents required during the application for admission?

The applicant must attach a copy of a valid passport or/and a valid identity card. It is optional to attach the transcript for 5 semesters. The rest of the documents will be requested if the applicant is accepted.

What are the admission entry tests for the Polytechnic, and what are the duration of the tests?

  • All applicants must submit general Entry tests in English and Mathematics.
  • The test date and time are chosen from the applicant after paying their admission application.
  • The tests take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to complete (including instructions).

For more information, visit the Entry Tests page.

What are the high school streams allowed to study at the Polytechnic?

Applicants from all high school streams can choose one of the offered academic programmes they want to enrol in.

When will the admission offers will be announced?

Admission results are announced on the Polytechnic website as per the admission timeline. An email will be sent to all applicants about the decision.

What are the tuition fees per semester, and do they include books?

The current tuition fees for a full-time student (60 credits) per semester are:

  • Bahraini students: BHD 120 (BHD 2 per credit)
  • Non-Bahraini students: BHD 2520 (BHD 42 per credit)
  • Students are required to purchase their own books.
  • For purposes of fee payment: A non-Bahraini citizen with a Bahraini Mother or which is married to a Bahraini husband will be considered Bahraini.All information regarding student fees, scholarships and financial aid can be found here.

Is there an English language requirement to enrol at the Polytechnic?

English is the main language of communication at Bahrain Polytechnic for learning, and is used in the classroom and most study materials. All applicants must complete general Entry Tests in the English language. See Entry Tests for more information on the tests.

Is an applicant with an IELTS or TOEFL certificate exempt from English language Entry Tests?

All applicants must submit general Entry Tests in English and Mathematics. An applicant with an IELTS or TOEFL certificate (issuance period of no more than two years) can apply for Credit Recognition after confirming their admission to the Polytechnic.
The policies are applied according to the terms of Credit Recognition, and there is no guarantee that courses will be equivalent.

Is priority given to admission to applicants who applied for admission first?

All applications are treated the same, regardless of when the application is submitted.

Can high school graduates from previous years be accepted?

All high school graduates or its equivalent in previous years can apply for admission to the Polytechnic.

Can students studying at other universities/higher education institutions continue studying at the Polytechnic?

Click here for more information about the transfer from other universities/ higher education institutions to Bahrain Polytechnic.

What is the language of teaching and study materials at Bahrain Polytechnic?

English is the language used for teaching and presenting educational materials at the Polytechnic.

Should the students who might be eligible for scholarships apply for Bahrain Polytechnic during the application period?

Scholarship applicants must apply for admission during the application period and take the Entry tests. There are no guarantees that applicants who have a scholarship will be accepted to study at Bahrain Polytechnic if the application and admission requirements are not met.

How and where can I get advice about fees and scholarships?

All information regarding student fees, scholarships and financial aid can be found here.

Can I defer my place if I get an offer?

Students accepting an offer of place must attend in the semester they are accepted. There is no deferment.

When do applicants get accepted, and what is the confirmation procedure?

Accepted students must complete the confirmation procedures and admission requirements as mentioned in the acceptance offer. In the event of non-completion within the period mentioned in the offer of acceptance, the offer will be withdrawn, and the enrolment at Bahrain Polytechnic will be cancelled.

What are the fees for confirming the offer in Polytechnic?

The confirmation fee is BHD 120 (non-refundable) covers first-semester tuition.

When does the semester start and finish?

Please visit the Academic Calendar page for more information.

How can I contact the admissions department?

You can contact the Admission Department through the following channels:

You can also visit the team in the Polytechnics campus, Building 8. Our working hours are from Sunday to Thursday (from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm)

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