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“An elected student representative group is a centrally important contributor to a positively memorable student experience”.

The Bahrain Polytechnic Student Council (BPSC) hosts, supports, and organises a number of sporting and cultural events and activities for students. They work as advocates for the student body alongside the Polytechnic’s staff to ensure a well balanced student life.

Student spaces are available, in a number of places on the campus, for activities and leisure time, and these continue to be extended and enhanced. The BPSC is located in Building 24.



The Bahrain Polytechnic Student Council aims at:

  • Nurturing students nationally and sportingly within the values of the Arab and Islamic heritage and of the National Action Charter.
  • Developing leadership spirit among students and giving them the opportunity to responsibly express their views.
  • Educating students about their rights and duties under operable Polytechnic rules and regulations.
  • Supporting students’ scientific, cultural, social, and sports activities.
  • Supporting educational attainment and academic process.
  • Enhancing the spirit of cooperation and the concept of teamwork among students, and strengthening the ties between students and the Polytechnic’s members of faculty and administration.
  • Preserving the achievements of the Polytechnic and contributing to promoting them.
  • Ensuring instillation of discipline in consistence with the Polytechnic’s mission and objectives.
  • Collaborating with the Polytechnic to develop student services.
  • Cooperating with the Polytechnic on encouraging outstanding students and raising their standards, capabilities, and skills.

BPSC Roles and Responsibilities

In the course of its endeavours to achieve its objectives, the Bahrain Polytechnic Student Council will coordinate with Student Services Directorate on carrying out the following activities:

  • Formulation of a framework for implementation of the Council’s policy in a way that is conducive to its objectives.
  • Participation in setting up the yearly plans for students’ work.
  • Preparation of the Council’s annual budget and submittal of the same to the Polytechnic administration.
  • Proposal of an action plan for activities of the Students Council covering cultural, social, practical, sports, and technical events.
  • Consideration of student issues and proposal of appropriate solutions and submittal of the same to the Polytechnic’s authorities concerned.

BPSC Members

The BPSC members are responsible for representing the interests of all students of the Polytechnic and deliver their voice. They help in solving issues and make sure the students’ suggestions reach to the relevant entity in the Polytechnic, for an improved and better environment. The Student Council consists of twelve members, elected annually, and their headquarters are located in Building 24.

BPSC Photo

Hasan Al Tooq


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Zainab Hussain

Vice President

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Sara Abdulrahman


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Fatema Jahromi

Financial Treasurer

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Fatema Zainal

Social Committee Chair

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Fatima Habib

Social Committee Vice Chair

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Mustafa Marhoon

 Sports Committee Chair

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Abdulla Abdulaziz

 Sports Committee Vice Chair

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Ali Hasan Khalil

Art and Cultural Committee Chair

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Sayed Ali Alkamel

Cultural Committee Vice Chair

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Razan Hamzeh

 Student Services Committee Chair

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Mariam Abulqassim

Student Services Committee Vice Chair

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Election, Membership, and Duties

The council shall consist of twelve members to be directly elected annually for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

A candidate for membership of the council must:

  • Be a regular student;
  • Be a student of good conduct and behaviour that has not been inflicted with disciplinary penalty for any offense communicated in the behavioural offence regulations;

The committee members of the council shall elect from among themselves a chairperson, a deputy chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer, who must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Has completed 200 credit hours of the Polytechnic’s study plan;
  • Have a GPA of at least 2.00 and not be under academic warning;
  • Is registered for a minimum of 50 credits per semester (with an exception for summer and final semester);
  • Not be a committee member of any non-Polytechnic society or organisation whatsoever, which exercises similar activities or seeks to achieve similar objectives.

Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson roles and responsibilities

The chairperson of the council shall be entrusted with the following tasks:

  • convoke council meetings;
  • preside over council meetings, sign minutes with the secretary, and sign vouchers with the treasurer;
  • represent the council before the Polytechnic administration.

Note: The deputy chairperson shall assume the functions of the chairperson in the absence of the latter.

Secretary roles and responsibilities

The secretary shall be entrusted with the following functions:

  • prepare agendas, including matters referred by the chairperson;
  • prepare the minutes and sign them with the chairperson;
  • receive correspondence addressed to the council and retain the council’s documents, papers, and stamps;
  • provide the Student Services department with the minutes of the council meetings;
  • perform any other duties entrusted by the chairperson.

Treasurer roles and responsibilities

The treasurer shall perform the following duties:

  • retain financial records;
  • jointly sign vouches with the chairperson or deputy chairperson;

prepare the annual financial statements and refer the same to the Polytechnic’s internal auditor.

How to Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer, visit the Bahrain Polytechnic Volunteer Club (BPVC) and send your information including your name, ID number, and contact number to the BPVC.

Student Representatives on Committees

student-concil-2Some Bahrain Polytechnic committees have student representatives who act as a liaison between students and academic faculty, to provide feedback and updates to students regarding issues and concerns that have been raised in previous meetings (e.g. faculty boards, Academic Board, programme boards, Library Learning Centre Committee, Health and Safety Committee, and Communication with Students Committee).

Students who are interested in becoming representatives on committees should contact a member of BPSC or director of student services.

BPSC Participation in Events


BPSC has played an important role in the orientation day for the new students in the academic year 2014-2015. It included organising the event itself, seating arrangements for students, registration, classification into teams and much more.

BPSC also held activities through which valuable information was delivered to the students such as the Map game and the shapes game. During the event, BPSC announced the selfie competition in which students participated eagerly and prizes were later distributed.

Social Committee

  • A Reason to Smile: 14th of April 2014 / 100 Participants

“Reason to Smile” event was a motivational session given by the popular speaker Mr. Osama Bahar. The session’s purpose was to teach the students how to stay happy and positive for a better life. The event was small and simple with the aim of sending a proper message to students to know how to manage their time and appreciate what they have. The event ended with an appreciation awarding ceremony to all the labourers at the Bahrain Polytechnic.

  • Breast Cancer for Men Walkathon: 27th of October 2014 / 200 Participants

Breast Cancer for Men Walkathon was an event that aimed to raise awareness about breast cancer for both males and females. The walkathon was held in Amwaj for a distance of 3.5 Kilometers inside and around the lagoon with famous Bahraini participants such as Juwaireya Alshomeli, the ambassador of young cancer fighters. A 2 days campaign was organized in Amwaj prior to the event with almost 200 participants on the day of the event.


Arts and Culture Committee

  • Alghabga Event: 7th of July 2014 / 400 Participants

Alghabga event was held during the summer break, at the early days of the holy month “Ramadan” as one of the annual events to be. However, this particular event brought the concept of a poly-event to a whole new level; it was the most successful BPSC event at that time and brought the attention of all the students as well as their attendance which exceeded everyone’s expectations. The event can be classified as a total success, where all participants stating that they had fun.

Sports Committee

  • Ramadan and 2014 – 2015 Internal Football Tournaments: Ramadan 2014 and Semester 1 2014-2015 / 120 Participants each

Two football tournaments were hosted and organized by BPSC with the help of Health and Wellness Centre and Students Services. The events were successful and witnessed the registration of 10 full teams with more wanting to participate. Competition between students and staff were fierce but also witnessed true sportsmanship from both sides thus breaking the ice and creating a good relationship between both parties.

  • Bahrain Marathon Relay: October 2014 / 32 Participants

The sports committee opened registration for all students and staff to join and represent Bahrain Polytechnic at the Bahrain Marathon Relay. 16 students and 16 staff members started training daily for 2 weeks in a row to prepare for the Marathon with couch Ashraf from the Health and Wellness Center. The student team was able to land 61 at the score board while the staff team at 121 out of 180 participating teams.

  • Sports Day: 17th of January 2015 / 350 Participants

The sports day was a fun event that took place in Bahrain Polytechnic’s football field and the areas surrounding it. The event revolves around people taking part in competitive sporting activities with the aim of winning trophies or prizes. It enhanced the relationship between the student council and the students of Bahrain Polytechnic. The event consisted of several types of fun games such as obstacle courses, slippery slides, bubble bash, and group games. Over all, the event was a success, considering it’s the first time for an event such as this to take place at the Bahrain Polytechnic.

  • Basketball Team: February 2015 / around 20 Participants

BPSC in collaboration with Coach Ashraf Jaber from the Health and Wellness Centre have worked to find students who are willing to represent Bahrain Polytechnic in its Basketball team. Participants, both males and females, have started their training with Coach Ashraf Jaber and will be participating in upcoming tournaments around the Kingdom.

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