Sini Raj Pulari


Academic Qualifications Obtained

PresentPursuing PhD in Artificial Intelligence, NLP,India
2021MBA in Human Resources Management, Pondicherry University, India
2011Masters in Engineering ,Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University, India
2007Bachelors of Technology ,Computer Science and Engineering, University of Calicut, India

Professional Certifications

Apple Certified Trainer-App development with Swift
Completed CTTL
Completed QM –Applying the QM Rubric
AFHEA Fellowship
Completed Internship with NetApp Incorporation
Big Data Analytics – workshop with an A+ Grade by Infosys
Android App Development – basic workshop by Intel
Sun Certified Java Professional 5
Cognizant Core Java Professional Certification
Oracle Certified Associate Certification

Teaching Expertise

2020 – PresentTutor –BICT –Database, Bahrain Polytechnic, Kingdom of Bahrain
2011-2020 Assistant Professor (Senior Grade), Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India
2009-2011 Senior Lecturer, Karpagam University, India
2008-2009 Lecturer, Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

Relevant Industry Expertise


2007- 2008Programmer Analyst , Cognizant Technology Solutions, India


Areas of Research Interest
Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Recommender systems, Machine Learning, AI
Funded Project: Early Warning and Monitoring System Of Elephants – Funded by Seed Funding Amrita University (2014 – 2017), A project idea taken from real time scenarios faced by the people who lived in mountainous areas in India.

Block Chain based seamless end to end shipping: Developed a Block chain based application for ensuring seamless end to end shipping. This would greatly reduce the errors and logistics challenges can be averted. (Have won the Internship opportunity with NETAPP Inc. – Hacker earth Woman Innovation Hackathon, completed by 30th Aug 2020



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    Conference Publications:

  17. Sini Raj Pulari, Punita A, Raja Varshni Meenachi ,Shriram Vasudevan (May 2022).A Comparative Study Of Employee Attrition Analysis Using Machine Learning And Deep Learning Techniques, 6th International Conference on Inventive Communication and Computational Technologies, ICICCT 2022,Springer Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems,ISSN: 2367-3370 [Accepted, Presented in May 2022, Awaiting to be published]
  18. Sini Raj Pulari and Rajathilagam B (2022). Analysis of variants of BERT and Big Bird on Question Answering datasets in the context of scientific research article reviews, 3rd doctoral symposium on computational intelligence (DoSci 2022), Springer Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, ISSN:2367-3389[Accepted, Presented in February 2022, Awaiting to be published]
  19. Mohamed Fuad Amin Mohamed Jamal,Shaima Shawqi Almeer, Sini Raj Pulari (2022).Ship Detection from Satellite Imagery using Deep Learning Techniques to control Deep Sea Oil Spills, International Conference on Innovative Computing and Communication (ICICC), ),Springer Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, ISSN:2367-3389[Accepted, Presented in March 2022, Awaiting to be published]
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Boards, Advisory committees, Professional organizations

  1. Member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG) – 112740 (2011- Present)
  2. Member in Computer Society of India (CSI) – 01112824(2017- Present)
  3. AFHEA -Fellowship reference no: PR229397 (2021- Present)
  4. ACM Membership No:1898701 (2021 – Present)
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