Bahrain Polytechnic Celebrates 42nd National Day

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The red and white colors flourished to celebrate the 42nd national day at the Bahrain Polytechnic campus, where students and staff mingled together for the festive occasion on 11th December.

The celebration included a diverse agenda for all guests to enjoy, ranging from traditional music and markets to customary culinary meals and various competitions.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Aseeri, Acting CEO, was delighted with the turnout of the event which brought together more than 300 students and stressed the importance of the annual commemoration.

“It is within our traditions to celebrate occasions which unite us all together. Family is an important part of our culture and today marks our unification as a family; as Bahrainis.” he said.

The morning started off with the gathering of the guests, which were met by a traditional themed and decorated hall and music. Food and beverages were also available.

The event was attended by several high officials from the Board of Trustees, notably the Chairman Sheikh Hisham Bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, which participated in the occasion.

The “Bab Market” corner gave a chance for Bahraini entrepreneurs to showcase their home-made products during the celebration.

A vast stage was placed in the centre of the action for students to perform their talents such as dancing and singing.

Prizes were handed out to students which attended the photography competition, in which they were tasked to take photos regarding anything related to the celebration of the 42nd national day. In addition, prizes were also given to students and staff which brought over their Bahraini themed cars.

The climax of the festivity included Ardha performances by the Bin Harban traditional band which performed throughout the day.

Dr. Al-Aseeri also reserved a special praise to the hard-working committee which delivered a great and memorable occasion to the guests.

He also, on behalf of the Polytechnic, gave his deepest congratulations and blessings to the wise leadership, the government and to the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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