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Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are normally based on the number of credits studied per semester.

A full-time student taking 60 credits per semester pays:

  • Bahraini: BHD 120 (BHD 2 per credit)
  • Non-Bahraini: BHD 2,520 (BHD 42 per credit)

Students are required to purchase their own books and other resources.

New students pay a confirmation fee of Semester 1 course fees that is (60 credits) is NON REFUNDABLE.

There is an admission fees of BHD 20 that are Nonrefundable. Refunds of tuition fees are made only if the student withdraw within the preliminary withdraw period (kindly review the Academic calendar each semester).

Fees MUST be paid in full by the published date. If you do not pay your fees on time, a late fee will be added, your course registration will be dropped,and a Finance Hold will be placed on your student record (SSB). This Hold means you cannot register for classes or request any official documentation. COURSE FEES WILL REMAIN DUE. Student with fees owing must pay all fees in full before the Hold will be removed.

Pay Fees

You can pay the fees by debit or credit card in the Finance department (Building 11) or Online through Self Service Banner (SSB). Tuition fees must be paid during the registration period that is published on the Academic Calendar.

During the first week of classes, students can add and drop courses using SSB or by completing a form and submitting to Registry in Building 8. If students drop a course in week 1, the fee  is also dropped.

In the second week of the semester, if a student withdraws from a course(s), takes leave of absence (temporary) or withdraws from Bahrain Polytechnic (permanently), fees will be credited or refunded less an administration fee (BHD20).

Scholarships, Sponsorships, and Financial Aid

Bahrain Polytechnic works with a range of organisations that sponsor and/or provide scholarships for students. Scholarships are offered by government agencies, such as the Ministry of Education and a number of approved organizations.

Bahrain Polytechnic also offers fee exemption to students experiencing financial difficulties and those who excel academically. Students who have been accepted at the Bahrain Polytechnic and earned a degree level cumulative GPA, with good academic performance and behaviour  may apply.

The criteria/evidence required to apply for fee exemption during the published period (October and March) are available from scholarships coordinator or on Moodle.

We welcome opportunities from community groups and industry wanting to provide financial or other tangible forms of support to current or prospective students, so they can fully engage in studying at the Polytechnic. Awards may be endowed by an individual or corporation; they may be needs-based or awarded on academic performance. Further information on providing support to Polytechnic students is available on request.

For further information on scholarships, sponsorships and fee exemption, contact:

Heyam Juma

Scholarships Co-ordinator


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