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Database and Software  Projects

Project TitleStudent NameMajorDescription
Bahrain Tourist GuideMarwa AlsabbaghManagement Information SystemsBahrain Tourist Guide project is about developing and designing a website that will guide Bahraini visitors and residents to a wide range of touristy places located in Bahrain. It will help improving government ability to attract visitors to Bahrain by highlighting numerous numbers of tourist spots as well as providing rich information about each spot. Information of sites will contain description, location, name and contact details. The website will divide Bahrain sites into categories and permit end-users to search about sites based on these different categories. Also, this project will simplify tour guide processes by providing maps for each place viewed in the website. Moreover, the project will help business owners to market their businesses by registering and displaying their property on the website after an administration approval. This feature will provide a wide range of tourist attractions for visitors and residents.

In addition, end-users can register, login to the system as well as adding feedback under each attraction displayed on the website. This feature will simplify the selection process for visitors as they can decide on their destination based on other people’s feedback and opinions. Also, the website will offer a list of tours and reservation system. Users can book and pay for a trip using PayPal account.

Car Rental SystemZainab AlmosawiProgrammingThe Car Rental System aims to automate the existing manual booking process. It will facilitate an automated database to manage and monitor the cars in the company. This system equips the strategic management with automated reports for their decision making. This complete automated system provides operational excellence and customer intimacy and relationship and timely decision making for the top management.
Cash RegisterSayed Hamedd AhmedProgrammingThe purpose of this project is to provide a web application that manage sales by recording all the sales and return transactions through Point Of Sale system. Moreover, this project manages purchases by allowing the user to manage suppliers and record all the purchases transactions. In addition, the project is providing a different types of reports to the managers and supervisors. Also, the project will allow the web admin to manage users and authorization. Furthermore, the inventory assistant will have the ability to manage categories and items, applying discounts and transferring quantities between store and shelves.
Events Management SystemAli AbdulazizManagement Information SystemsThis project aims to develop a web-based event management system to organize and manage all events in Bahrain Polytechnic
Hotel BookerHawra AbdullaDatabasesHotel Booker project is about producing a solution for users to find a hotel in a particular location and make a reservation. This solution will be a web based application that will use certain technologies to develop this project. This website will have two sides, administrative side and customer side. The administrative side will provide full functionality for the web administrator to add, edit and delete any hotel details which include hotel photos, facilities, rooms’ number, room rates, room amenities and room photos. Furthermore, administrators will have reporting feature for reservation history, revenue and cancellation rates. The customer side will handle searching for hotels and their photos, make reservation and add review on a hotel
In-House Projects Allocation WorkflowMohamed SharafProgrammingThis project provides an automated project allocation to the stakeholders with an efficient decision support system
PASS Leaders Management SystemAli Moosa MahdiProgrammingThis project aim to develop an user friendly interactive profile management system that helps in efficient stakeholders communication with accurate statistic data generation
Rent PropertyRahab Hasan HusainDatabasesThe Rent Property project is created to simplify the process of renting a property in Bahrain by reducing the search time for the specific property requirements such as price, size, location, etc…

A website will be developed using user friendly GUI to help both renters and owners on their tasks. Owners will have the ability to post their properties and renters will have range of choices to select from. All system users will have the option to communicate with each other by system internal messaging system to enhance the communication between owners and renters. When the customer want to rent a specific property he can select to send rent proposal for the property owner, then the property owner has the choice to accept or reject this offer. In case of acceptance the property owner must pay 5% of first month rent to the website through payment gateway. The customer will have the option to rate the property depending on his experience.

Social Club RegistryHawra AlmahroosDatabasesThis project aims to build an optimized Club management system. It also provides an operational excellent processes with financial component for effective fund allocation
Students-At-RiskAli JaberDatabasesThis project analyses students at risk and aims to provide operational excellence for the process and effective decision making for the strategic management

Management of Information Systems Projects (Software and Infrastructure)

Project TitleStudent NameMajorDescription
Best Selling Product Web MonitoringEman SalehManagement Information SystemsThis project helps entrepreneurs to learn more about their new products or services and the marker trends. An e-Commerce infrastructure (web, database, analytics and security services) utilizing the Cloud technologies are implemented to visualize customer’s transactions
Campus Information SystemMahdi FathallaProgrammingThis project is about solving the communication problem in academic institutions. Sending announcements, events and news to the campus community using a centralized system connected by media devices or mini computers is made easy with this solution
Secure Multimedia CommunicationsAbdulla Mohamed MullaNetworkingThis project provides secured communication system as service for Microsoft and Cisco technologies
Workflow and Document ManagementMohamed IsmaeelNetworkingThis project aims to provide an automated workflow and purchasing transaction lifecycle management system in an cloud environment
Cloud Disaster Recovery Data CenterFatema AliManagement Information SystemsThis project aims to build an infrastructure for a physical data center in an cloud environment to provide disaster recovery solution

Programming Projects

Project TitleStudent NameMajorDescription
Phone Class MateEbrahim RajabProgrammingThis project aims to engage the students in the learning process using their mobile phones.

The idea is to let the students use their phones rather than preventing them from using them. they will be using them for answering useful questions related to the class subject.

The final product will be used by tutors to manage and probe questions during a regular teaching session using web based application.

A link will be provided to students. The final results will be displayed as a chart on the Active board.

Recipe BookHawra JasimProgrammingThis project is a community based application targeted for the interests in individuals and business users like restaurants. This app contains all kinds of recipes and could be accessed ubiquitously. It is a convenient tool to manage and share recipes.
Student’s NotebookMaryam KayedProgrammingThis project aims to develop an application to improve the learning teaching process and the e-learning in Bahrain. The application will provide many services and features that are beneficial for students’ learning such as creating list of notebooks, adding note pages, setting an reminders and using hands to write notes
Multiple Choice TestMuna KadhemDatabasesThis project aims at facilitating multiple choice assessments to whoever think they need to use them, opinion polls , surveys , exams …etc. this will be a simple straight forward tool that makes creating tests fun
Graphics Design Portfolio Management SystemAamer Ali Hasan AlmutawaNetworkingThis project aims to create an online web portal for providing graphic design services. This project will work as an interface that connects designers and clients through a web based system.
ICT Skill AssessmentMohamed KhamisDatabasesThis project aims at helping high school graduates who have passion towards computers and information technology but yet unsure which major is best for them
Student ElectionsAhmed ShehabDatabasesThe student elections project is constructed to provide a computerized solution that facilitates Bahrain Polytechnic Student Council elections, by creating a centralized system that consists of two parts; a database to store and retrieve information related to student elections, and a graphical user interface through which users can securely interact with system. This will help the election committee in Bahrain Polytechnic minimize the time required in receiving and approving candidate applications, receiving and counting votes, and finally generating and approving elections results.
Genie SugarHusain alhamaliProgrammingThis project is to facilitate diabetic patients with an automated Genie Sugar Monitoring system with an efficient communication tool between the physicians and the patients
Conscious HeartMahmood AlSarhaniManagement Information SystemsThe Conscious Heart project is designed to provide players, gaming centers and possibly psychology clinics with a new type of experience and immersion in a game that stimulates awareness about a person’s self-mental state. It combines virtual reality and biofeedback technologies in a horror theme developed with a game engine. It will be possible for the game to undergo changes according to a person’s biological feedback. The game will elevate its difficulty if the player becomes afraid or stressed and lower it back when the player regains self-control and calmness. This game can be used as an experience and as a therapeutic tool for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, and other similar mental concerns
Sign Language TranslatorMeshal MohamedManagement Information SystemsThe Sign Language Translator focuses on the tracking technology of the Xbox 360 Kinect camera in order to accept gestures generated by the user and translate said gestures into words and phrases that would then be outputted through both visual and audio outputs. The project is conducted in hopes of demolishing the communication barrier between those with speech or audio impairment with others

Networking Projects


Project TitleStudent NameMajorDescription
A Multicasting Network Infrastructure ImplementationAbdulla Moosa Abdulla SharafNetworkingThis project aims to provide a network infrastructure service for a third party administration organization in Bahrain by implementing infrastructural nodes, such as: a server which will generate and send traffic, a number of Cisco 3640 routers, Cisco 7200 Routers and Cisco ASA Firewall. The network infrastructure should be capable of handling the requirements of multicast-based applications. In addition, this project will detail information about the implementation of dense and sparse modes ; which will contribute to the efficiency of delivering traffic, therefore the project supports the enhancement of communication radically, and should meet the level of international standards.
CCNP Switching for a Global Insurance NetworkISA AHMED ALMUTAWAANetworkingThe purpose of creating this network is to help the Global Insurance Services (GIS) in their expansion while they are seeking to connect all the new branches together in one large network. The final network must meet all the requirements that GIS needs as well as protect their data.
Implementation of Dynamic Multipoint VPNHashem MohammedNetworkingThis project aims to illustrate the use of Dynamic Multipoint VPN to connect multiple branches together over the internet.  It combines NHRP, m-GRE tunnels and IPsec technologies together to ensure proper security and QoS for the connection between the branches.  
LTE Backbone Routing InvestigationAli AlaaliNetworkingThis project aims to investigate 4 routing protocols for LTE backbone concerning the link failure and recovery process. The investigation will be done using a simulator software to collect the results in order to provide comparisons supported by evidences. This investigation will help in choosing the best routing protocol from the available options.
Server Room Security Policy and ImplementationHusain NamaNetworkingThe Purpose of this project is to provide a full security audit detailing how the Internet connection will be secured at Bahrain Polytechnic’s server room. Also, it demonstrates the implementation of the connection to the Internet using the Cisco ASA security device as the central to this implementation.
TeleworkersBudoor Jamal AlShawooshNetworkingThis project aims to build a complete secured network infrastructure that enables employees to connect from a remote workplace to the main network using secure VPN technologies. The main purpose of the project is to help the origanization expand widely and communicate with external clients. Reliability, efficiency and security are essential to ensure the use of different tools and various security features to enhance teleworker connectivity.
Unified Communication NetworkHussain AlMukhtarNetworking The Purpose of this project is to provide a full security audit detailing how the Internet connection will be secured at Bahrain Polytechnic’s server room. Also, it demonstrates the implementation of the connection to the Internet using the Cisco ASA security device as the central to this implementation.

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