Bahrain Polytechnic Forms Student Council 2016-2017


Acting CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, has approved the formation of the new Bahrain Polytechnic Student Council (BPSC) for the year 2016-2017 after 12 students won the elections that took place recently at the campus.

The administrative positions were distributed as follows:

  1. Hasan Al Tooq – President
  2. Zainab Hussain – Vice President
  3. Fatema Jahromi – Financial Treasurer
  4. Faisal Al Ahmed – Secretary

As for the committee positions, they were distributed as follows:

  1. Fatema Zainal – Social Committee Chair
  2. Fatima Habib – Social Committee Vice Chair
  3. Ali Hasan Khalil – Art and Cultural Committee Chair
  4. Sara Abdulrahman – Art and Cultural Committee Vice Chair
  5. Mustafa Marhoon – Sports Committee Chair
  6. Adbulla Abdulaziz – Sports Committee Vice Chair
  7. Razan Hamzeh – Student Services Committee Chair
  8. Radhia Malik – Student Services Committee Vice Chair

Dr. Al Aseeri gave his sincere appreciation to the previous student council, which spared no efforts in organizing various events which impressed both students and staff, and wished them all the best. He also thanked Dr. Nawal Zewayed, Director of Student Services, and members of the advisory committee for their efforts during the elections.

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