New Policy: Student Academic Appeals A/AB/025


Some of the changes include (see Moodle for the Policy and procedures):

  • Students can appeal any Academic decisions or grades within 4 working days of the decision being released.
  • Late or incomplete appeals will not be accepted.
  • Faculty Appeal: If students think their grades are wrong or that the Polytechnics assessment policies were not applied correctly and they have evidence to support the appeal.
  • CEO Appeal: Exclusion decisions.

To make an appeal:

  • Collect and complete the correct Appeal Form from the Student Information Centre (SIC) B. 8.
    • Faculty Appeal Form: Appeal grade(s) – MUST provide evidence.
    • CEO Appeal Form: Appeal exclusion ONLY.
  • Include a printout of the Online transcript.
  • Pay the fee of 20 BHD to Finance (applies to each appeal) before 2.30pm.
  • Submit the completed form, evidence and receipt to the SIC before 3.30pm.

If students have any questions they should see their Programme Manager, Mentor, Academic Advisor or staff at the Student information Center.

View the policy on this page.

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