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Message from the Chairman Shaikh Hisham bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am delighted to highlight a summary of achievements of Bahrain Polytechnic for the past two years during 2012 to 2014.

In the time since Bahrain Polytechnic was established in 2008, it has grown rapidly and now boasts around 2000 students across eight programme areas, ranging in level from certificate to degree. Over that time staff numbers have also grown and the range of roles has expanded as the teaching and learning activities have became more specialised and demanding at the higher levels of delivery within degrees.

The Board has also established a Technical Committee to look after the core business of teaching and learning, ensuring that Polytechnic Programmes meet the rigorous standards established by the National Authority of Qualifications and Quality Assurance for Education and Training (QQA). The QQA’s Institutional Review Report of January 2012 noted Bahrain Polytechnic’s strong commitment to quality education and to meeting industry needs in Bahrain.

The Polytechnic has laid solid foundations and is making considerable progress in achieving its Vision and Mission of graduating skilled Bahrainis that can meet the growth in demand for professionals within the current labour market, as well as meeting the needs of emerging industries as the Kingdom’s economy diversifies.

Going forward the Board of Trustees will continue to work closely with the Polytechnic’s executive management to build on the foundation of systems, policies and plans established in the last two years. We will continue to work together to achieve high levels of success and ultimately the realisation of the Polytechnic’s Vision and Mission.

Shaikh Hisham bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa,

Chairman of Bahrain Polytechnic’s Board of Trustees

Message from the CEO

Having been given the opportunity to join the Polytechnic as CEO in 201Long CEO7, it has been a privilege to work with the professional, dedicated and creative people who make up the community of learners; both the staff and students of Bahrain Polytechnic. Furthermore, the guidance provided by the Minister of Education, HE Dr Majed bin Ali Alnoaimi, and the commitment of the Board Members has been invaluable, whose efforts have led to the achievements highlighted in the Bahrain Polytechnic Annual report.

In 2013, Bahrain Polytechnic made an application for institutional listing on Bahrain’s Qualifications Framework for four of its qualifications, as part of a national pilot overseen by the Qualifications and Quality Assurance Authority (QQA). The institutional listing process required a peer review of our Academic Quality Management System. Getting our Qualifications listed on the National Framework, alongside the international peer validations implemented in preparation for professional body accreditations of our programmes, provided stakeholders with very strong assurances of Bahrain Polytechnic’s academic quality.

Underpinned by the values of Excellence, Learning and Innovation, Bahrain Polytechnic’s newly approved Vision is to become a “World class provider of applied Higher Education”, ensuring that students develop technical knowledge and skills in their chosen discipline, as well as the broader employability skills required to deliver on our mission of producing “Professional and Enterprising Graduates with the 21st Century Skills Necessary for the Needs of the Community Locally, Regionally and Internationally”.

Reports from external audit agencies and a number of stakeholders in industry, business and government, many of whom are prospective employers with major influence, have confirmed the Polytechnic is providing quality education through its programmes, delivering on its promise of work-ready graduates and meeting the industry needs in Bahrain.

Bahrain Polytechnic engages with stakeholders through the activities of Curriculum Advisory Committees who continuously provide feedback on the changing needs of the labour market, which are then reflected in our curricula. They also provide feedback on students’ performance on work experience during industry co-operative projects and plans are in place to also ask them to evaluate our graduates as employees after six months in the job.

On behalf of the students and staff, I would like to reassure that the Polytechnic has laid solid foundations and is making considerable progress in achieving its Vision and Mission. We will continue to work together to see the Polytechnic grow from strength to strength.


Dr. Jeff Zabudsky

Chief Executive Officer

Major Highlights of 2016 Annual Report

Each year we pause to reflect on the impact Bahrain Polytechnic have made on the lives of our students, community, and and the Kingdom through its contribution to supporting the social and economic development in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in line with its 2030 Vision.

The next section contains highlights of academic and corporate progress during 2016.

Major Highlights of 2012-2014 Annual Report

School of Business 

  1. Accredited by Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport for the Polytechnic’s Bachelors of International Logistics Management.
  2. Completed evaluation of the Business programme by an external committee of experts.
  3. Appointed an external observer from the University of Maastricht (Holland) to evaluate the Business programme.
  4. Began the implementation of the international entrepreneurship project known as “Global Entrepreneurship Monitor”.
  5. Conducted various studies in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Gulf Arab states regarding the development of programmes which are compatible with the labour market requirements.
  6. Organized its first industry forum for the School of Business.
  7. Started the implementation of the Riyadat Entrepreneurship Centre.
  8. Identifying a plan to provide professional certification for the School of Business.
  9. Two students were awarded with the CILT NZ Award for “Best Undergraduate Project in Transport & Logistics” for two consecutive years.

School of Engineering, Design and ICT (EDICT)

  1. Opened the ICT innovation lab in September 1st, 2013.
  2. Began the development of “IT Security” programme.
  3. Two students won “best project” in 2012 during the first annual exhibition of IT Projects in Bahrain.
  4. Students won in the MEA CCNA Netriders contest in September 2013.
  5. Students won the best application for health care in Meet ICT 2013, which was held during the period of December 10th to 12th, 2013.
  6. ICT students were awarded for their successful launch of the portal for the management of human resources in Zain Telecom.
  7. ICT students won second place in the e-Shabab competition for creating the best application.
  8. Web Media students won first place in television broadcasting and another award for radio broadcasting in a competition related to the health field at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
  9. Web Media students won second place in the Start-up Weekend competition.
  10. 49 research employees participated in international conferences.
  11. An international panel of experts from industry, academia and accrediting bodies conducted a review of the Bachelor of Engineering Technology Programme.

School of Humanities

  1. Completed the review and development of the mathematics materials process.
  2. Opened the Writing Centre (English).
  3. Implementation of electronic entrance examinations for English in cooperation with Oxford University.
  4. Implementation of electronic entrance examinations for mathematics.

Student Services

  1. Supported students’ participation in a number of local youth competitions such as participating in “E_SHABAB”, and winning 3rd place.
  2. Supported students participation in a number of global competitions such as:
    • Participation in the “International Chamber of Commerce, France” competition, to make the Kingdom of Bahrain the first in place among student participants from the Gulf and the second regionally.
    • Participation in the global logistics competition in New Zealand, winning first place.
  3. Applying fee exemption for 100 students as per policy.
  4. Cooperating with Bahrain’s Ministry of Education to evaluate and improve the English language among secondary school students in technical and vocational path.
  5. Cooperating with the National Initiative for the development of the agricultural sector.
  6. Use of self check out and check-in system in the Library to facilitate borrowing and returning of library materials.
  7. Students and Alumni Participation in Tamkeen’s Mashroo3i Business Plan Competition in 2013 and progressing to the third round of the competition.

Quality, Measurement & Analysis and Planning

  1. Board of Trustees has approved 15 policies (11 Academic, 4 Corporate) in 10 December 2014
  2. SMT has approved the Quality Management System of 7 levels and its development on 30th March 2014
  3. QMAP, in collaboration with Bahrain Polytechnic community, have developed a number of policies, procedures and guidelines as per Bahrain Polytechnic templates.
    • 30 policies has been approved or in progress
    • 70 procedures and guidelines were developed
  4. Institutional Listing process has been completed and Bahrain Polytechnic application has been submitted to QQA during March 2013.
  5. Business Faculty has completed programme-within-faculty review during 2013

Human Resources and Services

  1. Implementation of audit recommendations.
  2. Implementation and follow up of the current strategic plan
  3. Development of the next 5 year strategic plan.
  4. Review, update and development of HR policies, procedures and templates in line with the laws and regulations of the Civil Service Bureau, Ministry of Finance and Higher Education Council.
  5. Initiated the project of Horizon.
  6. Implemented a new performance appraisal system for employees during the period 2012 and 2013.
  7. Application of the academic staff leave system as per rules and regulations of the Civil Service Bureau.
  8. Promoted 20% of the total academic staff in 2013. In addition to modifying the salaries of a number of staff.
  9. Increased the number of employees training attendance as part of their development and career progression for the years 2012 and 2013. In addition to attending BIPA training for a number of Bahraini employees.
  10. The formation of several committees in line with the regulations of the Civil Services Bureau:
    • Rewards and incentives committee
    • Education sponsorship committee
    • Health and safety committee
  11. Participation in the Supreme Council of the Bahraini Women’s Award.
  12. Completed renewing staff contracts in line with the regulations of the Civil Services Bureau
  13. Completed updating staff records, for employee data base in line with the regulations of the Civil Services Bureau.
  14. Completed registration of a number of former staff and faculty at the Public Authority for Social Insurance.
  15. Increased the proportion of Bahraini Vs Non-Bahraini staff.
  16. Implemented Employee access system

Building and Facilities

  1. Completed expansion of facilities in collaboration with the Ministry of Works and Ministry of Finance.
  2. Completed the renovation works in Multipurpose hall – Bahrain Hall
  3. Completed the construction and fit out works in main restaurant in building 19 and canteen in 26A.
  4. Completed the Phase 1 of BMS system.
  5. Completed renovation works in Mosque
  6. Completed the construction and fit out work of Engineering mechanical labs (4 Nos),
  7. Completed the BPSC office and games halls.
  8. Completed the construction work of coffee and snacks outlets.
  9. Completed the replacement of A/C chillers system in building 36.
  10. Completed the construction and fit out works of the Writing Centre.
  11. Completed the scrap area stores.

Marketing and Communications

  1. Organized and implemented 13 key internal events for staff.
  2. Participated in 6 conferences and exhibitions.
  3. Developed the current Bahrain Polytechnic website.
  4. Started and managed Bahrain Polytechnic’s social media (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter).
  5. Reduced expenses due to internal design of advertisements which get published in the local press.
  6. Doubled the amount of press releases published in Arabic and English, exceeding 127 press releases in 2013 compared to 63 in 2012, while 95 press releases were published in 2014.
  7. Events, Conferences and Workshops
    • Started organizing the PIN Conference
    • Obtained approval to organize the Annual Conference for CILT

ICT Services

  1. Cooperation with the Central Agency for Information and Communications in the following:
    • Database backups
    • Completed 6-month training for ICTS staff.
    • Provide support to cover lack of resources in networking and infrastructure which saved the Polytechnic from a huge investment.
  2. Collaboration with government, education and private agencies for logistical support.
  3. The first to join the Microsoft Education Alternatives programme – EES, saving the Polytechnic a huge investment.
  4. Supported Banner Finance Accounts Receivables.
  5. Obtained an approval on the new network infrastructure design from the CIO and CISCO, causing a reduction in the overall investment. This has made the Polytechnic model a success story for education institutes announced on CISCO website.
  6. Completed Internet expansion from 50GB to 100GB and obtained an additional line for internet service for the same contract value.
  7. Initiated establishing training and development laboratory for ICTS staff for solving complex ICT issues
  8. Approved 1st version of ICTS policies and strategies for information and communication technology services on 21st of December 2014.
  9. Implementing COBIT5 framework standard within ICTS.
  10. Completed Bahrain Polytechnic Network Upgrade on Dec 2014.
  11. Implemented employee attendance system through fingerprint scanning, in line with the CSB system.
  12. Increased shared drive storage for Bahrain Polytechnic staff by applying SAN storage project.
  13. Stabilized power supply to ICTS server room with Facilities.
  14. Online Payment project is in progress to enable students pay their outstanding balance through integrating Banner with eGoverment Payment methods.
  15. Implemented Office 365 including: email, share drive, share point for Bahrain Polytechnic students.
  16. Implemented Azure as an online resource for student and graduate projects, specifically for the EDICT students and graduates.


  1. Initiated project for the implementation of a New Bahrain Polytechnic website with CMS.
  2. Initiated project for the EGov project for online payment system.
  3. Completed implementing the new security system CCTV.
  4. Completed implementing phase 1 of the Ministry of Finance system (CFS)
  5. Completed Banner Student Information System.


  1. The Approval of the audited financial statements and results for the year 2011 by the management along with the external auditor.
  2. The implementation of the Central Financial System in coordination with the Ministry of Finance starting from January 2015.
  3. The Coordination with the e-Government Authority to implement the online-payment system.
  4. Reviewed all the requests raised by all divisions within the Polytechnic along with the estimated cost of each request in order to discuss it and submit it to Ministry of Finance.


  1. Developing Templates for the control of purchases
  2. Review, update and development of all Purchasing policies and procedures.
  3. Archiving all purchase documents and approvals
  4. Developing and implementing the delivery of goods and services procedure
  5. Developed a system for contract drafting, review and finalizing in coordination with Legal Affairs and Finance department.
  6. Developing a procedure for purchase requests less than 3,000 dinars (open) for quotations.
  7. Developing a procedure for purchase requests between 3,000 dinars and 10,000 dinars for sealed quotations to ensure requirements are met in coordination with the requester department.
  8. Developing a procedure for local Tender requests between 10,000 dinars and 25,000 dinars.
  9. Implemented a procedure for the development of a technical report to evaluate bidder responses received to ensure that the services or materials requested meet the specifications and the quality required.
  10. Developed a system for directorates to provide a yearly procurement plan.
  11. Contracted with Gulf Air to buy tickets directly from the airline and get a reduction for all employees of the Polytechnic.

Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding:

  1. Strategic Partnership Agreement with the University of Bahrain, Bahrain
  2. Agreement for validation panel with Mastrj University, Netherlands
  3. Cooperation Agreement with NMCI College, Ireland
  4. MOU with the Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
  5. MOU with the University of East London, United Kingdom
  6. MOU with the University of Ensicaen, France
  7. MOU with Versailles Saint-Quentin University, France
  8. MOU with the Technical College Cork, Ireland
  9. MOU with CILT, United Kingdom
  10. Cooperation Agreement with Innovtech, Bahrain
  11. Cooperation Agreement with SAP
  12. Consultation agreement with Galitt ME, France
  13. Cooperation Agreement with Vital Partnerships Professional Services, United Kingdom
  14. Cooperation Agreement in with Batelco, Bahrain
  15. Cooperation Agreement with Cisco, Bahrain
  16. Cooperation Agreement with Riyadat Bahraini Women Centre, Bahrain
  17. Cooperation Agreement with Bahrain Training Institute, Bahrain
  18. MOU with Bahrain Petroleum Company “BAPCO“, Bahrain
  19. MOU with Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and industry “BCCI“, Bahrain
  20. MOU with BIC, Bahrain (In progress)
  21. MOU with Bahrain Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill Company “GARMCO“, Bahrain (In progress)
  22. MOU with Ministry of Culture, Bahrain
  23. MOU with Ebtikar Association, Bahrain.
  24. MOU for Joint Co-operation with Naseej, Bahrain
  25. MOU with the Bahrain Development Bank in supporting entrepreneurship projects, Bahrain
  26. MOU with Bahrain Development Bank, Bahrain
  27. MOU for Joint Co-operation with the Family Bank, Bahrain
  28. MOU with Academic Partner – eShabab2013 (BTECH) , Bahrain
  29. MOU for Joint Co-operation with NAIT
  30. MOU with Virtual Learning Program.
  31. MOU for Joint Co-operation with Institutes of Technology of Ireland
  32. MOU to offer the International Diploma in Logistics and Transport Qualification of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport International
  33. MOU Emirates Academy (in progress), UAE
  34. MOU with Intercontinental Regency Hotel, Bahrain
  35. MOU with Four Seasons hotel, Bahrain
  36. MOU signing with Diplomat Hotel, Bahrain
  37. MOU with ThinkSmart, Bahrain
  38. MOU with Radisson Diplomat, Bahrain (in progress)


Bahrain Polytechnic Facts

Bahrain Polytechnic Students

  • Student involvement in co-curricular activities was high, as 1,022 students were participants or volunteered in BPSC events.
  • From the graduate survey, 85% of recent graduates are now employed.
  • From the graduate survey, 89% of respondents believe their educational programme met their expectations, 83% would recommend the Polytechnic to others, and 80% reported that their education was relevant to their career goals.
  • Bahrain Polytechnic unique course-level assessment framework specifies and measures outcomes in nearly every course and programme for each student. And, we use these data to improve our curriculum content and design.
  • With an average class size of 18, faculty can work individually with each student.

Celebrating 10 Years

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Celebrating 10 Years

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