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Bahrain Polytechnic is located at the centre of Isa Town in the education area. The campus is currently shared with the Bahrain University until the University fully re-locates to the Sakhir campus.


The Polytechnic occupies approximately 19,500 m2 of building space that includes the following buildings: Blocks 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 18, 19, 20, 24, 26, 30, and 36. The buildings which have been transferred from the Bahrain University to the Polytechnic are under ongoing maintenance work to meet the Polytechnic’s educational and operational requirements.

Building 8, 11 and 19 have 23 classrooms with a capacity range (15-35) students. Building 5, 11, 24 and 36 have 11 IT labs with a capacity of 20 students each, all equipped with state of the art equipment. Classrooms and labs available for booking through the Polytechnic Room Booking system “Celcat”. Engineering workshops are found in building 20, 30 and 36 with heavy machinery, equipment and tools.

Building 8 is allocated for the Academics, Registry and Student Information Centre. Building 9 ICT Services, Building 11 HR and Finance, Building 12 Bahrain Hall, Building 16 for the gym and medical clinic, Building 19 for the library learning centre, Building 24 for BPSC and Engineerling Labs.

Corporate staff are mainly located in building 11, whilst other supporting staff and academics are found across the campus.

Student Areas and Lockers

Although anywhere and everywhere can be seen as a learning space, dedicated areas for students to hang out are available throughout the campus. Building 24 is a place where you will find clubs, student activities, a relaxing lounge, and facilities which you can use for groups, events and activities, and entertainment, such as board/table games, football, PlayStation 3, table tennis, and pool.

Lockers are available for students for the safekeeping of books and personal belongings. Contact Security Services for the allocation of a locker and a key.

Lockers are delivered to students from the Security Services Office in building C8. Lockers are available in the following buildings: 11, 36, 10, 19, 8


Food and Drink

The Bahrain Polytechnic offers a wide selection of snacks and refreshments to get you through the day.

Derby Coffee

Located between Building 28 and 30 on the way to the Students car park, Derby Coffee offers nearly every coffee drink imaginable, in addition to snacks for a quick bite.


Located in Building 36, BreadTalk offers delicious freshly baked buns and bread, stuffed with savoury and sweet fillings.

Byblos Restaurant

Located in Building 19’s third floor. Grab a book from the library and enjoy a healthy snack, or hold a casual group meeting over lunch in one of our dedicated soundproof rooms. Join us to explore the main Bahrain Polytechnic cafeteria menu with flavours that match your taste.


Wahat Al-Bashayer Cafeteria

Located in Cabin 26-A, near Building 19, a local flavour offers shawarma wraps, burgers, sandwiches and subs, cocktails, and off-the-shelf ready-to-grab meals, assorted grocery, and even stationary items.


Located in Cabin C9, Q-Burger offers various kinds of burgers, sandwiches, fries, and drinks for the burger lovers out there.

Sheeshal Express

Located between Building 14 and 15, Sheeshal Express offers various kinds of burgers, sandwiches, fries, and drinks.

Bahrain Hall

Event PhotoBahrain Polytechnic officially opened the Bahrain Hall on 17th March 2015, set to accommodate more than 700 people in a 1,500 square meter area, equipped with the latest technology to fit the standards of hosting high quality conferences and events. Find out more about the official opening here.


Mosque located near building 24 is available for praying. Other allocated spaces are available for men and women prayer in Building 20.

Car Park and Transport

Polytechnic staff and students are issued with a permanent vehicle sticker for permit to enter campus and access dedicated parking area. Please follow the traffic instructions on campus to avoid any violations that may include financial penalties.

Two student car parks are available, located on the left hand side of the main entrance of Bahrain Polytechnic (gate 1) and the other near gate 2 entrance. Contact Security Services to issue Car permits or to replace yours with a new one. More information is available on the Campus Security Policy.

Students are responsible for their transport to and from the Bahrain Polytechnic Campus.

Security and Safety

Bahrain Polytechnic values its students, employees, and visitors, and is committed towards protecting them from injury. The Polytechnic is also committed to protecting its property from damage due to unsafe practices. That is why we continuously improve our safety practices and procedures, and urge all students, employees, and visitors to comply with Bahrain Polytechnic work standards, procedures, and regulations.

Bahrain Polytechnic is committed to providing a safe campus for all. We have strict security procedures that include the following:

  • Vehicles will be checked at the main entry gate (1) and gate (2). Some vehicles will be selected for random search/inspections. Please check your car before coming to the Polytechnic and remove any items that are not directly required for the car or for your study.
    • At times, the security checks can cause delays to students and staff entering the Polytechnic. Please arrive early and remember, we are doing it all for everyone’s safety.
  • All students will be checked through the two pedestrian kiosks adjacent to the student car park against their ID cards.
  • Metal detector scanning and bag searches will be conducted at the pedestrian entrances (kiosk).
  • In the unlikely event of any problems on campus, you must follow instructions from Security and staff.

Note: Campus is covered by the CCTV system and signs are placed at the points to the campus indicating the presence of CCTV.


ID Cards

Our personalized ID card is your formal identification as a student or staff at the Bahrain Polytechnic which must be visible at all times on the campus. Student ID cards are issued during orientation by Security Services Team. Staff ID cards are issued upon request from the HR directorate. To replace your ID card in case of damage or report on missing one, contact security services.


Lost and Found

Campus Security is a central deposit location for lost and found items on the campus. Lost items should be reported immediately to security services.


Emergency Contacts

  • (On-Campus) Phone +973 1789 7447 or +973 390 99786
  • Email Security Services
  • (Off-campus) Fire, Police, Ambulance: 999

010Medical Help

For the treatment of minor injuries and illness, students and staff are able to use the Polytechnic’s medical clinic services, located in Building 25, which is part of the Health and Wellness Centre.  The clinic is currently set up for the services of a doctor and nursing staff. Read more.

In case of a medical emergency please contact: +973 1789-7121.

Celebrating 10 Years

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Celebrating 10 Years

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