Bahrain Polytechnic Host Autism Movie Night

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With April being the official month for autism awareness, a group of students from various higher educational institutions in Bahrain have come up with an initiative, known as “Movie for a Cause”, to spread awareness on autism by hosting a film related to autism at the Bahrain Polytechnic campus on 15th April 2015.

“Temple Grandin” is a biopic film about an autistic woman who managed to transform the practice of handling livestock in a humane manner. The actual person, Mary Temple Grandin, is a woman who managed to become one of the senior scientists specializing in science and animal behavior. She also invented the “Squeeze Machine”, a device designed to calm a hypersensitive person. The machine went on to get lots of praise and from that point, Ms. Grandin designed curved cattle corrals used to reduce the tension and panic that affects animals.

Prior to the movie, a small speech on the different forms of autism was presented to the audience by Sh. Hesa bint Ali Al Khalifa, a legal researcher at the Polytechnic.

The group were very active in terms of organizing the event, in which in the end all proceeds collected from the film are to be donated to the Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties; aiming to spread awareness on the need for attention about autism in children and the integration of autistics to be accepted in society.

Additionally, a large number of families, individuals, and companies from various institutions aided in the cause such as Canar, Janahi Designs, The Mad Batter and Red Sauce.

Sh. Hesa Al Khalifa stated during the occasion: “This event was created to deliver a message that autism is not a disability and I think the movie conveyed this message successfully. We were so happy to receive the positive feedback from the audience as well as our sponsors and we hope to continue with this fundraising idea in the future with the collaboration of Bahrain Polytechnic.”

This event comes to emphasize Bahrain Polytechnic’s belief in the importance of community partnership, and will continue to raise awareness and conduct activities aimed at all members of the community.

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