Bahrain Polytechnic Plans to Revamp Campus

  • Campus revamp
  • Campus revamp
  • Campus revamp
  • Campus revamp
  • Campus revamp

Bahrain Polytechnic plans to revamp, enhance and add more buildings and service facilities for its campus in the near future, aiming to improve the quality of study and life within the government educational institution.

Expansion of laboratories, additional floors and state-of-the-art buildings highlight the new additions being brought to the Polytechnic, as the top management prepare to accommodate the student market in Bahrain.

Building & maintenance manager of Bahrain Polytechnic, Hussain Alhamer, expressed his excitement to the upcoming project which will certainly amplify the environment of the Polytechnic.

“Many of our buildings will face a complete overhaul. Our faculties admin office will get two additional floors which will accommodate 20 computer labs, academic offices and an air conditioned lounge.

“An additional floor will be built on our Library Learning Centre, which will contain senior management offices along with four engineering labs.”

“Similarly, we will install a quality lounge for staff and students in one of our latest buildings.” he continued.

Subject to approval [from the Ministry of Municipalities], parking slots will be expanded to fit more than 500 vehicles within the Polytechnic.

Set to finish on September 2013, Bahrain Polytechnic will open a new 1500 meter squared restaurant within the campus, which also includes a meeting and entertainment room.

Additionally, two new buildings are planned to be built for academic and engineering purposes, included with the latest hardware, workshops and electronic smart-boards.

“The management is aware of the growing amount of students that want to join the Polytechnic, and they want to ensure we have enough space.” stated Mr. Alhamer.

The exciting plan concludes with a high standard quality multi-purpose hall to be completed by next year, fit to hold 700 people for big events and conferences.

“The top management is doing an excellent job in satisfying the student demand. Bahrain Polytechnic are headed the right direction to provide quality education to the Kingdom.” concluded Mr. Alhamer.

The project is expected to be finished over 2 years from now.

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