Bahrain Polytechnic Students Return From Canary Wharf

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Two Bahrain Polytechnic students returned from London after spending 25 days at the financial hub of the capital to attend the prestigious summer school “London Financial Markets” programme.

Upon their arrival, Isa AlSumaim and Yara AlMutawa later on presented their visit and experience of the travel to the Polytechnic’s Acting CEO Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri.

“It was great going back to the UK again. We made use of our time there and learnt the different aspects of financial institutions, including how the European Monetary Union functions.” said Mr. AlSumaim after his return to Bahrain.

Sponsorships from the Polytechnic and Royal Docks Business School allowed the banking & finance students to travel to East London at Canary Wharf from July to August, where they partook in exciting financial lectures and had the chance to visit many widely known industries such as Barclays, KPMG and the London Stock Exchange.

By the end of the programme the two students were able to take the well known Bloomberg Essentials exam, in which both have passed and gained four different certificates: FX Essentials, Equity Essentials, Fixed Income Essentials and Commodity Essentials.

“We really appreciate Bahrain Polytechnic for sending us out to these programmes.” he said.

The Acting CEO, Dr. Al Aseeri welcomed their return and was impressed with their presentation, knowing the benefits of sending students to international programmes.

“We always come up with ways to improve our students’ knowledge and skills. This is why we sent Isa and Yara to London.”, Dr Al Aseeri said.

“When we were at the selection stage [of which student should get the opportunity], we had to run them through interviews to make sure we get the right candidates. Not only were they supposed to be knowledgeable enough for the programme, but should be able to represent Bahrain Polytechnic and the Kingdom of Bahrain.” , Dr Al Aseeri added.

“I’m delighted for Isa and Yara. During the presentation, it seemed they took advantage of this chance to go to the capital and gained a good experience.” The Acting CEO commented.

“We will hopefully start implementing these sorts of programmes to be a part of our curriculum, as we strive to enhance our relationship with the Royal Docks Business School and keep in line with Bahrain’s Vision 2030.”, Dr Al Aseeri concluded.

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