Polytechnic 2013 Academic Year Starts Today


Bahrain Polytechnic has finally opened its doors and commenced the new academic year of 2013-14 on 8th September 2013 for both new and current students, having more than 2250 students accumulated from various programs to start on the day.

Prior to the opening, the new students attended the two orientation days last week to overview the various programmes, policies and all the services & facilities provided by the Polytechnic.

During the same week, the new and current academic staff similarly had two orientation days to go over key topics such as the current strategic plan, introduction of various departments and regulations.

Dr. Hasan Almulla, Deputy CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic was present during the busy week and admitted that excitement excels each day.

“The new students will begin a new chapter in their lives, while the current students will continue to pursue their dreams.” said Dr. Almulla.

“The staff has worked tirelessly to ensure the Polytechnic students are welcomed appropriately. We are convinced that the students will feel comfortable as they spent the past two days familiarizing themselves with the faculty and campus.”

Dr. Almulla spoke of what the students will be expecting since coming back from their summer vacations.

“A number of projects have already taken place. The first one being the new 1400 square meter restaurant for students which also includes study halls, lounges and meeting rooms.

“We’ve also renovated and expanded a few buildings to start accommodating for more students and staff in the future, such as adding more classrooms, laboratories and IT labs.” stated Dr. Almulla.

For his part, the Acting CEO Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri expressed his sincere appreciation to all employees for their considerable efforts to help Bahrain Polytechnic achieve a higher rank within the top educational institutions.

He also thanked the Board of Trustees for their guidance, chaired by Sheikh Hisham bin AbdulAziz Al Khalifa, as they were keen to reach the goal of Bahrain’s Vision 2030 and the government work program 2011-2014.

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