Bahrain Polytechnic Students Host Green Initiative

  • Campus

Bahrain Polytechnic students went green on the first day of December as they planted several Ficus plants around the campus in order to raise awareness to agriculture.

The initiative, named “Green Up”, came to contribute to the main goals of the NIAD (National Initiative for Agriculture Development), with an aim to protect and develop the agriculture industry in Bahrain.

Leena Al Mannai, Commercial Initiative Specialist of Bahrain Polytechnic took charge of the communal project and was delighted with the voluntary assistance from the students.

“Apart from having a greener campus, it’s important to give care to the agricultural environment.” stated Ms. Al Mannai. “We displayed them [the plants] at a busy area for everyone to come by and read the description of the Ficus plant.”

The Ficus plant is considered to be one of the oldest of plants, estimated to have been on earth for 60 to 80 million years. The tropical plant is known for its shifting colors between yellow and green depending on the presence of sunlight.

More on initiative, she added: “The concept of ‘going green’ is becoming very popular in business, especially with international companies. Social responsibility is one of the essential things you will need and we are trying to incorporate that in our programs.”

“We will hopefully be adding different types of plants in the near future.” concluded Ms. Al Mannai.

All pictures regarding the initiative can be found on the students’ Instagram account @greenup_bh.

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