93% Polytechnic Staff Enrolled in Training Courses & Workshops

Mariam-LouriFor the year of 2014, Bahrain Polytechnic records a 93% enrollment of staff in training courses and workshops, ensuring that staff members are equipped with up-to-date skills to match the ranks of global higher education institutions.

Ms. Maryam Louri, Training Specialist at Bahrain Polytechnic, stated that 18% of employees enrolled in training courses, workshops, and conferences organized by BIPA (Bahrain Institute of Public Administration). These consisted of courses related to finance, administration, and marketing, which are among some of the most important departments at the Polytechnic.

Ms. Louri also said that the Training & Development Department are working hard to develop the employees’ (including management) performance levels, stressing that the staff have given positive feedback on the courses they attend.

Acting CEO, Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, said “Training is a key element of development in any organization, and the executive management are keen on expanding our employees’ knowledge, as it will eventually lead innovation.

This also qualifies them to gain more incentives and rewards offered by the Polytechnic, where 83 employees were honored with these rewards in April.

“Improving our staff is among our priorities included in our Strategic Plan 2015-2019, government action plan 2015-2018 and Bahrain 2030 Vision.

“I’d like to thank the Training & Development Department for their sincere efforts in focusing on improving our staff, and would like to encourage all staff to attend such training sessions in order to develop the Polytechnic as a world-class educational institution.” concluded Dr. Al Aseeri.


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