Bahrain Polytechnic Alumni Club Events Shine


Bahrain Polytechnic Alumni Club (BPAC) plays a pivotal role in opening the doors between the Polytechnic and its graduates, where the communication helps measure the strength and quality standards of education which meets local, regional and international labor market requirements.

In addition, the alumni club is in continuous communication with the community and the graduates through social networks and periodic meetings that aim to follow up and provide support and services to all graduates.

The alumni club has held 11 meetings last year, where they discussed plans and organized various events. They also formed four working committees; cultural, sports, social and academic graduates. In addition, the club cooperated with the Bahrain Polytechnic Student Council (BPSC) to organize many activities and joint events with various alumni clubs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, after obtaining approval with the concerned authorities.

The media committee is responsible for providing media support for the achievements of the graduates of the Polytechnic at various levels, as well as following-up on activities from other alumni clubs in the Kingdom of Bahrain and abroad in coordination with the executive management.

The academic committee is keen on coordinating with the curriculum advisory committee to ensure the continuous development of curricula and materials at Bahrain Polytechnic. They are also working to link graduates and academic staff at the Polytechnic in order to provide them with vocational guidance as per the labor market needs through the Polytechnic’s Career & Employment Centre. In addition, the alumni club participates in the annual orientation day to provide new students with academic assistance.

The public relations committee have positive relations with various government and private institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in accordance strategic plan of the Polytechnic, and cooperate on an ongoing basis with the Marketing & Communications Department of the Polytechnic in order to achieve the goals of the club; raising the efficiency of the skills of graduates as per labor market requirements, and coordinating with the industry to get their views [of the graduates] while building upon their feedback to enhance its programmes.

President of BPAC, Isa Alsumaim, stated that this student volunteer work will be an inspiration to the cultural and social life in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and contribute to enrich the educational process to show the Polytechnic produces elite graduates who fit in leadership positions in various aspects of practical and social life.


To name a few of the distinctive events carried out by the alumni club was the Ramadhan Ghabgah night which included the distribution of certificates to the graduates, an after lunch gathering hosted after the Polytechnic’s second graduation ceremony, and opened a stall during the graduation which sold flowers and included a photo-booth.

Mr. Alsumaim also gave his appreciation to the members of the Board and members of BPAC who have shown great enthusiasm and have volunteered to work around the clock to meet the objectives of this club. He pointed out that this enthusiasm was reflected on the speed of the formation of the various committees that started to work on plans for the future to ensure that the club achieves the desired objectives.

On this occasion, Manager of BPAC, Zainab Mohammed, said that Bahrain Polytechnic has set itself the task to provide the labor market with graduates who are ready to work professionally in a spirit of courage and initiative. The core value [of the Polytechnic] is based primarily on the reputation of creating graduates that meet the needs of the community. In this sense, the alumni club encourages its members to participate and involve themselves with national and international stakeholders, and also realize that as a national institution, they have an essential role in the future of social and economic prosperity of the nation. The alumni club is keen to have all Polytechnic graduates support the club’s work and achieve its objectives, either through their membership in the working committees, or by attending events. She also called upon all the graduates to apply for membership of the club located at the homepage on the Polytechnic’s official website.

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