We Finish 2nd in University Football Tournament

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Penalties decided the game in the end, as Bahrain Polytechnic were the second best team of the “Kingdom University’s Football Tournament” which took place at the Hamad Town Youth Centre on 28th February 2015.

Nine university teams participated in the weekend tournament, where in the end of a thriller final, one team reaped the reward.

Omar Nabeel, Chair of the Bahrain Polytechnic Student Council (BPSC) Sports Committee, was one of the students participating in the Polytechnic team and wrapped up the experience as a great one.

“It was a rather great experience for us, because we had the chance to show other universities what Bahrain Polytechnic can do and that we are not easily defeated.

“For us, I think the best moment of the tournament was when our top scorer was able to score a goal in the final minute on the competitor’s team taking us to penalty kicks.” said the captain.

Omar also added that the student council has reached far in terms of adopting sports in the Polytechnic’s life.

“Well, we’ve reached our aims of creating football and basketball teams, and creating sports events like the sports day and internal tournaments. We have gone a long way since we got elected to BPSC, and when it comes to sports, I found out that our students have very high potentials and could evolve to be able to become very competitive on a national level.

“I really hope that the next elected BPSC members would continue what we started here, and even do a better job.” he concluded.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Aseeri, Acting CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, witnessed the competition with the crowd and insisted that regardless of the result, a sport is not only about winning.

“There are lots of lessons to be learnt from this. When you lose, you only want to get better, and when you win, it’s the same.

“Teamwork and dedication are the key features a person needs in sports, and I’m sure everyone who participated in the tournament has learnt something. I’d like to thank the students for representing Bahrain Polytechnic in this tournament.” concluded the Acting CEO.

The game ended 1-1 for both teams before they decided the game by penalty kicks.

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