Bahrain Polytechnic: School Visits To Begin

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Public schools have started their visits to Bahrain Polytechnic on March 12th 2014 as part of an annual routine indicative program that targets high school students to know more about student life in the government institutions.

According to the Polytechnic’s Education Liaison manager Ali Salman, the aim of the yearly visits is to inform the students on the various bachelor programmes that are offered, registration dates and a brief about the services and activities provided by the Polytechnic.

Focusing on a problem-based learning approach, Bahrain Polytechnic tailors its programmes and teaching methodologies in a manner which keeps pace with the needs of Bahrain’s current and future labor market; an approach considered to be the first of its kind in the Middle East.

The visits are widely supported and encouraged, according to the executive management, as students will be approaching a turning point in their lives which require direction and guidance. The visit will provide an opportunity for the students to get their questions answered with detail and clarity.

Ali Salman reiterated the significant role played by the various educational industries, as their continued cooperation will help achieve the aim which flows directly in the interest of the students.

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