Students Return From Paris Competition


Being the first ever country from the GCC to participate, four students from Bahrain Polytechnic were honoured at the campus on March 3rd 2014 after partaking in the 9th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition from 7th to 12th February 2014 in Paris, France.

During the seven days, the ICC welcomed over 600 participants who were eager to discuss new developments in alternative dispute resolution, analyse and share experiences and meet with colleagues from more than 60 countries.

Essentially the competition comprised of highly complex commercial scenarios which the students were left to resolve during a mediation session. The teams were also given ‘confidential’ information before the competition starts in which the parties can use to their advantage.

Acting CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, Dr. Mohamed Al-Aseeri, awarded the four students and insisted that the government owned institution will continue to encourage similar beneficial and educational trips for the future.

“I’m happy to see that our students have been nominated internationally to attend the prestigious competition. Our philosophy [at the Polytechnic] has always been about practicing practical work, hence producing work-ready graduates.” stated Dr. Al-Aseeri, who attended a presentation made by the students about their overall experience.

The Bahrain Polytechnic team were nominated for two awards; the best newcomers in the competition and for the best opening statement in a mediation session.

Whilst, the team performed very well during the first four rounds, they did not however proceed further in the competition.

“I’m sure even though they have not proceeded further in the competition, it’s what they gained from the trip as a whole, like networking and adapting what they have learnt in a totally new environment.” he added.

Yasmin Sebah, the team’s coach and law tutor, which joined the students on their trip to the capital, expressed her delight on the dedication and performance of the students and took the responsibility to be ambassadors of Bahrain.

She commented: “I would like to first congratulate the students on their participation. I feel proud and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented young team. The student’s performance was truly an effort that we could all be proud of and they certainly introduced Bahrain to the ICC competition in a positive way. They had great enthusiasm even when working long hours to prepare for the sessions. They all displayed exceptional team work which did not go unnoticed by most judges in the competition who commented on this.

“As new comers, I feel that we have learnt a lot from this experience. In particular the judge’s constructive feedback on the team’s performance is what will help us develop and perform better in the future.” said Ms. Sebah.

Reem Altahoo, one of the students, commented: “The competition has allowed me to meet many international students from different cultures and backgrounds, such as Bulgaria and Australia. This has provided me with extensive knowledge and information regarding the different countries of the world and has enhanced significantly my communication skills.”

Ali Faeq, another student, said: “As a participant in the ICC competition, I have had the opportunity to develop different techniques in order to communicate better with my surrounding. I came to understand the true and positive effect of smiling, appreciation, thanking others and acknowledgement. On a personal level, I believe that we all are winners as we have all developed our communication skills and mainly in the domain of self-control and active listening.”

Dr. Al-Aseeri thanked the students, Ms. Yasmin and the staff for doing their part for the organization of the trip and performing in the competition.

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