“Women In Engineering & Technology” Workshop

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Bahrain Polytechnic hosted the “Women In Engineering & Technology” workshop at the campus in the Bahrain Hall on 22nd March 2015; aiming to offer high school female students, teachers, and academic advisors the opportunity to build up their profile should they seek to pursue a career in engineering and technology.

The one day workshop included a variety of disciplines related to the field of engineering and technology, such as mechanical, electrical, management information systems, games, visual design, and web media.

Raghda Zahran, a Programme Manager from the EDICT (Engineering, Design and Information Communications Technology) Faculty, stated: “We have more than twenty public and private schools today showing interest in learning about the various disciplines in Engineering and ICT.

“High school students need feel how it’s like to be in any of the majors. They were given real world problems and encouraged to find solutions. We found that there is high potential in Bahraini females to enter those fields and support their community.”
Acting CEO Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri felt that hosting this workshop offers a chance for high school students to gain exposure on how “real life” projects work.

“Practical learning teaches the student on how to tackle situations you could face during your career, and this workshop places the student in that situation.

“Women play a vital role in the Kingdom, and we hope that this workshop allows them the chance to gain knowledge in the field of engineering and technology.” said Dr. Al Aseeri.

The Acting CEO also added that the impact of the workshop is a step towards achieving Bahrain’s 2030 Vision and the government action plan 2015-2018.

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