Preparation For Next Semester Begins


With spring break coming to an end, Bahrain Polytechnic students are expected to be back to start their second semester on 16th February 2014, and a few of Bahrain Polytechnic’s executive management personally toured the campus to ensure the progress for the next term has been arranged.

A dedicated student council floor, security and a socializing lounge highlights the new additions being brought to the Polytechnic, as the top management prepares to further upgrade its buildings and facilities for the benefits of its students.

A more safe and amplified environment sums up the progress according to the Polytechnic’s Acting CEO Dr. Mohamed Al-Aseeri, which claims these projects to enhance the student life at the campus.

“I’m delighted to see the progress we’re having at the campus. This is the start of many projects and we are glad to see the progression made on the first phase of this project.” said Dr. Al-Aseeri, which toured the campus along with other high officials.

The student council floor will act as the headquarters for the nominated students, including a spacious environment, state-of-the-art green technology followed by delicate and detailed architecture.

Within the same building, the bottom floor features an entertainment and socializing corner for all students to use, such as an air-conditioned seating area and a television equipped with gaming consoles.

The security aspect of the Polytechnic has been greatly improved, to provide more secure environment to our students during the implementation of several projects which will start in the coming months.

“Our chairman of the board, Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, is keen to ensure the safety of the students across the campus.” he added.

“We aim to keep developing the campus and outfit it with all the equipment and tools to assist in the progress of our students’ education, while considering their psychological, health and leisure needs.” concluded the Acting CEO.

Upcoming projects at the Polytechnic include the expansion of parking lots, addition of electronic smart-boards in all classrooms and a multi-purpose hall fit to hold 700 people for big events and conferences.

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