Japanese Cultural Advisors Visits Bahrain Polytechnic


The Japanese Cultural Advisors in Bahrain visited the Bahrain Polytechnic campus on June 4th and held talks about the future cooperation between the Bahrain Polytechnic and similar higher education institutes in Japan, as they plan about possibilities to further enhance the education standards in the Polytechnic.

The newly appointed Japanese Cultural Advisor, Yosuke Iijima, was welcomed to the Bahrain Polytechnic campus, along with their predecessor Mitsukuni Miyakawa, to discuss various potential ideas to improve the quality of education through the collaborations with some higher education institutes in Japan.

“We were delighted to have Yosuke Iijima over at our campus. We had a lengthy conversation about how to benefit our staff and students using their cooperation.” commented Dr. Mohamed Al-Aseeri, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Polytechnic.

With the Embassy’s assistance, Bahrain Polytechnic can offer a wide variety of exciting programs and services, for instance sending students abroad for industrial visits, upgrading technological facilities within the Polytechnic, provide training opportunities for our staff or employing Japanese professors to teach in the Bahrain Polytechnic.

“As an educational institution, we believe we should take initiative and do our part to keep the bond between the Kingdom Of Bahrain and Japan strong, by constantly keeping them involved in these educational improvement programs. Since this strategy is in line with Bahrain’s 2030 vision and the governments 2011-2014 plan.” he concluded.

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