Alumni Club Creates an Important Link

عيسى الصميمPresident of the Bahrain Polytechnic Alumni Club (BPAC), Isa Alsumaim, stated that they have laid the foundation for establishing the key committees within the club which aim to meet its’ objectives and goals, as well as the Polytechnic’s Strategic Plan.
The alumni club is set to be a fundamental link between the Polytechnic and its graduates, especially since the club’s plan includes many social and academic activities which will bring both parties together.

He also praised the efforts of the alumni club management which completed the main objectives of these committees, which consist of social, academic, media, and public relations.

Noora Yaseen, a member of the club’s board, said that there are plans to arrange an annual gathering for graduates in order to inform them of the plans and annual objectives of the club, as well as hearing their recommendations to develop this plan. The club will also ease the process for the alumni in engaging with the labor market, offer graduates academic guidance should they pursue higher education, and attend events organized by Bahrain Polytechnic and its Student Council.

The club’s director, Zainab Mohammed, confirmed that the club’s board is keen on participating at the Polytechnic’s Orientation Day on 31st August 2015, believing that the event will instill the new students on entering a new phase in their lives. Both of club’s board, in coordination with the Director of Student Services, Dr. Nawal Zewayed, will participate in this event, where Khalid Al Abbasi, a member of the club’s board, will present the key goals of BPAC and how they will be in constant contact with the Polytechnic students.

In accordance with Bahrain Polytechnic’s Board of Trustees, chaired by Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, BPAC was formed and consists of 6 board members which are appointed by the set regulations, including being a Polytechnic graduate. These regulations granted the club the right to appoint a Polytechnic staff member as a director of the club, who will act as an active member under the guidance of the club’s board.

The alumni club also aims to link Polytechnic graduates with the community, in order to offer various services to the society. This will also give a chance for graduates to strengthen their relations among each other, share their experiences, and contribute to achieving the Polytechnic’s educational, cultural, and social goals. Furthermore, the club aims to strengthen relations with other higher education institutions [within and outside Bahrain] in order to seek support and amplify the experience for Polytechnic graduates.

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