Bahrain Polytechnic Students Participate in the Good Will Trip in Al Rihab Village, Egypt


Four students from Bahrain Polytechnic have been engaged in the “Good Will Trip” organized by the Bahrain Trust Foundation. The International Outreach trip that took place at Al Rihab Village in Aswan, Egypt, aimed to developing parts of the Micro School, as well as helping the local people at the village through a range of activities such as painting, agriculture, and hosting workshops for the local people at the village.

The “Good Will Trip”, has been organized by the Bahrain Trust Foundation, and aims to support the disadvantaged people, giving them the support needed to develop in a range of areas, primarily schooling.

The Micro School is a multi-level classroom, which serves approximately 20-30 students per school of all ages and educational levels. This environment allows students to interact continuously with children of different age groups, which will provide them with the social and practical experiences that will help them in their future careers.  The organization of this type of program comes after a study conducted by the Bahrain Trust Foundation after they found a gap in the provision of education due to war and corruption. The Micro School’s initiative provides basic education, basic values and skills, and promotes self-learning. The schools are placed at a location which is close to the village, to ensure the children’s security and safety.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Yusuf Alawi, said, “The trip was an amazing and life-changing experience, it was truly an eye-opening experience, which makes us thankful to how we are living today.”

The students have been awarded by the CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic for their efforts in contributing to developing parts of the Micro School in al Rehab Village in Aswan, Egypt and for providing the locals much need supplies such as school supplies, uniforms, and winter wear.

This is the second year that Bahrain Polytechnic supports the program organized by the foundation. Last year, two students from the Faculty of Engineering participated in the project, providing concrete solutions to the water and electricity scarcity issues in the village.

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